The Media's "Strain of Thought"

A week after launching vicious and inaccurate attacks on conservatives, the media preached civility on its Sunday shows.

This is the media, the most un-civil lot out there that has all of a sudden supposedly found “religion” when it comes to political rhetoric.

Isn’t that special?

Of course, they are only holding conservatives accountable for damaging political rhetoric. Those on the left are allowed to say whatever they wish to say and they will not be pegged as partisan. It is what it is. I could give as many examples as there are newscasts, but we can stipulate gravity just as easily.

Which brings me to David Gregory on Meet the Press last Sunday. He used an interesting phrase that made me do a double-take. “Strain of thought.” He used the phrase as he grilled Republican Senator Tom Coburn.

GREGORY: But, Senator Coburn, you know as well as I do that there are people — and it is true that it’s very often on the right — who describe President Obama as somehow an outsider who is trying to usher in a system that will do two things: That will injure America and deny them of their liberty.

COBURN: Again —

GREGORY: Do you condemn that belief and try to reject it? That in and of itself is a strain of thought, is it not?

COBURN: There’s no question. Th-there’s all sorts of strains of thought. The problem I have with the premise, David, is that we’re disconnecting what the real problems are in our country. And we’re spending all this time talking about “political discourse” rather than talking about the real risk to our country which is we need to quit paying attention to what all the media says.

A strain of thought?

I thought the left were the “progressive” bunch who loved to stretch their minds and strain thought. Expand those minds just a little bit there folks and see if you can get those brain cells around something other than “government is our savior.” There are other templates than that.

Eventually, Coburn backed down and pathetically gave Gregory what he so desperately wanted. Coburn said that Obama really wants the best for America—so I must conclude that these rational people must think Obama is just incapable of running America. Pick your poison; it’s one or the other. Quite frankly, I don’t care which it is.

I would’ve preferred Coburn tell Gregory that it doesn’t matter one damn bit what he thinks Barack Obama’s motivation is, Obama is damaging America with his policies and only junior high girls worry about motivation. Congress and the media should at least be in high school by now where silly questions about motivation are not important. All that matters is Obama’s policies are destroying our country and must be stopped, and yes, Obamacare and excessive spending is destroying Liberty.

Is that a strain of thought? The activist old media, who are preaching to us about civility, blamed Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Rush Limbaugh and you and me for killing 6 people in Tucson earlier this month. Make no doubt, every time they bring up their unrelated idea that America needs to be more civil, they are concluding that if we did not want Obamacare repealed that this tragedy would not have happened.

Talk about your strain of thought. All we’ve seen out of the left and its activist old media since this tragedy has been non-stop strains of thought. Next thing you’ll tell me is that a Democrat activist issued a death threat against a tea party member. Wait, you can’t tell me that. That would be too much of a strain of thought for you so when it happens you have to ignore the death threat and just say the guy was under a lot of pressure—even when it happens on one of your own Sunday shows and you have the audio, ABC.

Connecting this shooting and political discourse makes as much sense as connecting hurricane Katrina with the thickness of pizza crust. In fact, perhaps the latter would make more sense. Stay with me here, this will be a strain of thought.

What if the left and their activist old media felt thin pizza crust was better because it helped save the planet and kept American’s more physically fit? After hurricane Katrina what if they all came up with the same hair brained idea at the same time that having to plow more wheat fields in Kansas caused weather to change in the Gulf and we saw an increase in the intensity of hurricanes (perhaps an RFK Jr. column right there.) Not a strain with this premise–I’m already being told driving my SUV in Nevada is killing polar bears in the Arctic.

So they begin a national discussion on encouraging people to eat pizza with thinner crust. Perhaps they even consider legislation demanding thinner crust pizza. This is actually more logical than the discussion they have created right now about how a crazed single gunman who killed 6 people means we need to stop saying I want to “beat” my political opponent. To “beat” somebody sounds so mean.

Strain of thought, anyone?

I will also add my pizza comparison is less dangerous than the one they have actually created. Thickness of pizza crust is not protected by the Constitution. Speech is. Strain on that thought for a while.

The media is just making something up out of the blue here because they want to. They sound more and more silly every time they say, “This had nothing to do with the shooting (although at first they said it did), but is it time to talk about civility in America? Yep, and next hurricane, let’s talk pizza crust.

Step right up, I’ve got your strain of thought right here!


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