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Proof There is Always Room For Libs in TV News


I’ve worked in enough TV newsrooms and been in enough TV newsrooms to know what they like. Read a prompter, do a good live shot, make no waves, and fit the lib politics, and you will be loved and will climb quickly. It makes things so much easier if you fit the politics that big government is altruistic and big business is bad.

Susan Roesgen fits the template and thus, she gets a soft landing from CNN. Roesgen offended a large portion of Americans with her inaccurate comments disparaging Tea Party activists, thus she got fired from CNN, but not to worry, the ABC affiliate in New Orleans was there to grab her up, leftist politics and all.

Roesgen called the Tea Party “anti-government and anti-CNN.” When you watch the video of her live shot on CNN you will also see that she has no idea that less taxes means more liberty. She is oblivious to the concept. She also loves the Obama stimulus and sings its praises. It’s who libs in the activist old media are, and forget about trying to change them. They boast in promos how they “connect” with their viewers, but they have no idea who you are and what you believe. Roesgen’s interview is exhibit A in what I saw my entire career.

Roesgen will co-anchor a show called “News With a Twist.” No doubt she will twist and she will go the only direction she knows.

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