When Will The World Love Us?

The media told us during the 2008 election that the world would love us if we elected Barack Hussein Obama to the White House. Certainly the Muslin world would adore us after we got rid of Evil Bush.

We were shown fabricated videos like these as proof that all we had to do was elect Dear Leader and we would have everything we wanted as Americans, we would have true value because others would love us.

Forget the fact here that it’s dysfunctional as a nation, or as an individual to always seek justification from others, this is just about the Promise of 2008.

Democrats and the Obama administration often like to say the media set unrealistic expectations on the young World Emperor, certainly the media continues its slobbering love for Dear Leader, but Obama also made this promise of global unity. He did it during his first speech in Cairo as President and during the campaign in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. Obama declared himself a “citizen of the world” (whatever that means) and promised he would “remake the world.” Politico called it a “manifesto for the planet” and that he would “unite Christians, Muslims and Jews in a safer, more united world.”


Imagine my shock when I heard that the groups leading the charge for change in Egypt were chanting anti-American slogans and also tried to beat up American activist old media figure Anderson Cooper. I’m sorry to see that happen to AC and his crew, but I do wonder if he still thinks the world loves America with King Obama in charge.

Perhaps those rioting in Egypt didn’t get the memo that Evil Bush is gone and the man who once said we are “one of the largest Muslim countries in the word” is now in charge of The Great Satan. Obama has blamed the American dislike of his unconstitutional takeover of healthcare on his inability to communicate the message properly, so how can we think people around the world could understand his brilliance? Yep, they didn’t get the memo.

I’m waiting for the activist old media to explain to me how this could possibly happen. When is the world going to love us as promised? I’m guessing they’ll soon tell us Dear Leader needs another 4 years before he can fully remake the world (whatever that means) and bring us together so everybody is safer and more united. Yep, with Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen (oh, plus Iran 2009) blowing up, we’re all feeling safer and more united.

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