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MSM Circles the Wagons Around Obama Admin Over Middle East


The Mainstream Media (MSM) has circled the wagons around the Obama Administration Officials as the Middle East descents into chaos.

Some members of the MSM are expressing concern on how the populist uprisings in the Middle East will directly and personally affect the Obama Presidency, which many of them had proclaimed days earlier was back with a swagger following his State of the Union Address to the nation.

Media Pundits have sought to put the best possible spin on President Obama often incoherent and gibberish like response to the mass protest that swept across Egypt as common citizens taken to the streets seeking to put an end to the rule of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. From Algeria to Yemen, common citizens have rose up in their demands for reforms, greater freedoms from oppression and a end to government corruption in recent weeks as the Obama Administration has pretty much quietly watched from a distance.

Rather than focus in on how these uprisings may shift the balance of power in the region. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews took to the air Friday night foaming at the mouth with his usual wild conspiracy theory that somehow former President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq was the driving force behind the uprisings throughout the Middle East and that it was the Obama Administration that was having to deal with end results of it all.

MSNBC’s other nightly pundits Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz wondered during their segments how the uprisings would affect the Presidency of Barrack Obama personally and chose not to focus in on the aspects of:

– How Americans could become trapped in Egypt and thus become hostages in possible Islamic Revolution similar to the one that swept the Mullahs into power in Iran more than 30 years ago next month?

– How the possible closure of the Suez Canal would have affect on worldwide food and gas prices as well as any economic recovery?

– How new Islamic States could redraw the Middle East from one end to another?

– How radical Islamic forces could band together and threaten the existence of Israel with Egypt vast array of modern military equipment, if it were to fall in the hands of Hamas or Hezbollah or was exported to the like of Iran for further study?

The MSM has also taken it upon itself to try to decipher the rambling statements of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On Friday as 1000’s of Egyptians took to the streets, Ms. Clinton first called upon Egypt’s besieged President Mubarak to institute Democratic Reforms through a coalition government, but as the protests grew more intensity and opposition leaders made it clear they would accept nothing short of a full departure of Mr. Mubarak and his government. Ms. Clinton yesterday took to the Sunday talk shows seeking to backtrack from her previous statements and clarify the often confusing, gibberish like competing messages coming from both the White House and her State Department in the last 48 hours, as they have sought to crafting their political response to the shift winds blowing throughout the Middle East.

It would seem that the Red Phones at both the White House and State Department are ringing off the hook at 3 am in the morning, but the press would rather the world listen to “hold music” while the Obama Administration tries to craft a coherent and uniformed message on the chaotic transformation that is taking place around them.

Many in the MSM have a vested interest in promoting a positive image of handling by the Obama Administration, since many feel it was they who got him elected and they must protect him from the chaos in the Middle East, since another President they backed Jimmy Carter was reduced to a one-term due to his handling the Islamic Revolution/American Hostage Situation that took place in Iran in 1979.

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