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Lila Rose's Third Video Prompts Planned Parenthood to "Retrain"


Lila Rose’s has released the third video in the growing series of Planned Parenthood public relations nightmares. The just-released third video illustrates how staff at a Bronx PP facility in New York coached an undercover pimp and prostitute team in ways to obtain free abortions for under age immigrant sex slaves.

[youtube XCWf1MB92Pw&feature=player_embedded]

This writer and others at this site have already chronicled the media’s rush to aide PP in formulating defensive spin for the beleaguered tax-payer funded behemoth in the wake of the first two videos.

Just hours after the Bronx video’s release, Planned Parenthood announced its latest mea culpa: a nation wide “retraining” effort with promises to tighten discipline in what can only be characterized as a desperate public relations spin to retain its massive $300 million dollar annual taxpayer funding. So, by “retraining,” does PP mean “our clinics will stop conspiring with the child sex-slave industry?” Or does it mean “our clinics will be more alert to undercover journalists exposing their corruption?” Or does it mean “Oh, for Pete’s sake! You guys stop falling for that pimp sting, didn’t you read the memos after the whole ACORN thing?!?”

Truth be told, “retraining” might just be carefully crafted legalese for PP spokesmen to spout in an effort to deflect or subdue righteous outrage by taxpayers because they’ve gotta say something. Silence in this case may be tantamount to an admission of guilt or, at least, approval. I would so love to be a fly on the wall at the general counsel meetings all this week with Planned Parenthood upper management as the crack legal team likely keeps reminding management that their Number One Goal at this point is to avoid Club Fed. All due to one young woman and her brave colleagues who risk much to expose one of the most powerful lobbyists in the nation.

And now it looks like Lila Rose’s citizen journalism crusade is paying off where it counts. Attorney Generals in New Jersey and Virginia are investigating Planned Parenthood’s actions. In light of this latest video, can New York’s AG be far behind? The timing couldn’t be any better with liberal Senators Boxer and Murray threatening to block reasonable Republican House measures to limit public funding for abortions.

Memo to Planned Parenthood: Strike Three. You’re out. Time for Congress to castrate Planned Parenthood’s funding.

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