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How's That New Civility Workin' Fer Ya?


Didn’t take long for Democrat activists to violate their call for civility. We knew this would happen, but where is activist old media holding these protesters accountable?

It was the media who told us (before any of the facts were in) that it was incivility on the part of Republicans and tea party members who created the environment that led to the tragic shooting in Tucson. Of course, we all knew they were wrong, but they still continued with that template for two or three weeks after the shooting.

Now, Democrat activists have put Republican Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, in cross hairs, they have called to “reload,” they have compared him to Hitler and he and his family have been threatened. All of this is happening because he is working to balance the state’s budget.

Why have these pictures been virtually unseen by America on the evening news, or the morning news shows? Of course, we all know the answer, the activist old media does not see liberals as uncivil. They accept to believe that this could be happening, so they ignore it. Their incorrect template, as we saw immediately following the Tucson shooting, is that conservatives are uncivil and divisive and poor Democrats are targets. Anything that differs from that template is ignored.

Union thugs, Democrat activists, and angry protesters have taken over the State Capitol in Wisconsin, while their Democrat elected officials have run scared, left the state and are intentionally ignoring their responsibility as representatives. Oh, they have plenty of time to take their case to the media and have appeared on numerous activist old media programs where they are given cover and safely protected from their responsibilities. Why won’t the media ask any of these 14 Democrats hiding in their “undisclosed location” what they think about the uncivil mood of the protesters they have encouraged, or why they won’t come out of their hole in the ground and return to do their jobs?

Activist old media, your brutal bias is showing (again).

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