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Media Panders to Democrat Crybabies


One of the first things you learn on the school yard is how to play fair and play by the rules. Pick the game, it doesn’t matter—you play it to the finish, you play hard, you play by the rules and if you don’t win you are taught to come back and play another day.

Democrat legislators in Wisconsin and Indiana apparently have never learned this simple little basic rule of life and the media sits around speechless. When they have spoken, some have even called this a “brilliant political maneuver.”

They have fled their respective states because they do not believe they can win pending votes on budget matters. So, the moral to this story is, “If it looks like you’re gonna lose, leave. Leave the state and don’t come back until you get your way.”

I guess a generation or two of playing soccer without keeping score is finally having an effect on some supposed adults.

The activist old media is virtually silent on this issue because they are sympathetic to the Democrat’s politics. Something you are told not to do as an unbiased journalist, but, as we all know, the journalism train has also long since left these states to parts unknown. Perhaps that’s how the activist old media has been able to find these legislators to do interviews with them. These child-like legislators are more than willing to approach the safety of their activist old media and their comforting, sympathetic questions, but refuse to enter the arena of ideas where they would be confronted by those frightening Republicans. There was another phrase we used on the playground for these types and I will just use the acronym here, CS.

Listen, what do legislators do other than sit in a bubble and vote? Vote. Oh, they have to run for office every few years, but other than that, they are in the safety of their State Capitol buildings where they push a button, yea or nea, and then move on to the next issue. That’s why Senators make horrible Presidents. They sit in bubbles and vote and never have to deal with substantive issues of governance.

Democrats have a history of doing this. It happened in Texas a couple years ago until Republican Governor Rick Perry told them they had to pay their own expenses while hiding out in Oklahoma to avoid a vote they were going to lose. Waaaaaaaaaaa!

You only act this foolish when you know the media will not call you on it and will be sympathetic to your cause. The kids who take the ball and run away know they can get away with it if their parents and teachers pander to their selfishness. Right now, they are getting away with it. Picture a scenario where Republicans acted the same way and tell me the media would not rightly be ripping them a new one right now.

How long will this silly little game play itself out? Hard to say. In Wisconsin legislators say they will stay away as long as they have to until they get their way. The activist old media will continue its comforting sound bites and somebody (it sounds like Governor Scott Walker in this case) needs to tell them they won’t be getting their orange slices after the game.

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