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Media Ignores Outrageous Behavior, Violence Of The Left


If one Googles the name Rodney Stanhope via Google News, the only stories you’ll find in the mainstream media revolve around comments the Tea Partier made at a rally today. Yet, if you visit Big Government, you’ll find that he was assaulted by a union member at a MoveOn organized protest. Stanhope was forced to visit the hospital for X-rays. I first heard more about the story via an email tip that the thug is a shop steward, Richard Andazola with Teamster local 439 out of Stockton. That makes him a union leader. One can only imagine the coverage were a tea party leader to assault a Leftist at a protest.

Tea Party United spokesman Rodney Stanhope said has drawn together people “who are only out for themselves, nobody else. It’s all about America, not any one organization or group Everybody has to do their part.”

“They care about themselves. That’s it,” Stanhope declared.

Michelle Malkin has a round-up of the most recent outrageous conduct on the Left. It includes violent rhetoric, as well as racist and homophobic attacks.

Since the 2008 election, the Left-leaning bias of the mainstream media has only become more glaring. You only find a brief mention of the incident in the Sacramento Bee that doesn’t include the scope of Stanhope’s injuries.

Without new media, the despicable conduct of the Left wouldn’t be reported at all. Instead, the media does everything it can to malign conservatives and the Tea Party movement, all but manufacturing incidents, while the Left continues its outrageous and irresponsible behavior at protest after protest.

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