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Time for WaPo to Add a 'D' After Their Name?


If you’ve been paying attention, clearly the Democrats have been using the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent as their go to guy for push back against Wisconsin Republican efforts to get the budget squared away under the leadership of Governor Scott Walker.

Yesterday from Sargent it’s an “advanced look” at a sponsored poll – all for the cause. Yet, there is no poll data released. One has no idea what questions were actually asked, or how they were phrased. Yet, the Washington Post is comfortable performing this type of activism under it’s banner.

Andrew Breitbart is correct in audio of yesterday’s quote of the day. The false mask of objectivity in journalism is going away. Yes, the Post hired Jennifer Rubin. However, her reputation and work is far more in line with that of an actual journalist, as opposed to an activist, which is clearly how Sargent is using his byline as events play out in Wisconsin.

Poll: Majorities support recall of two Wisconsin GOP senators

I’ve got an advance look at some new polling by Survey USA that finds solid majorities in two GOP senate districts support the recall of their senators. The poll was paid for by MoveOn, which obviously has an ax to grind in this fight, but Survey USA is a respected non-partisan pollster that’s routinely cited by major news organizations.

Here are the numbers, sent over by a MoveOn official, in the districts of GOP senators Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper.

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