The Oil Cabal — The President and His Media

Okay, I guess I seem a little obsessed by this gas price thing — but I have a couple of good reasons for it.

One, like everybody else I fill up twice a week and I think swear words whenever I do. Two, as a news anchor I was given all those stories to read in 2005 and 2008 blaming George Bush for high gas prices. Seems like these days the media has forgotten to point the finger at the White House. Imagine that?

Journalistic malpractice is everywhere on this story and the activist old media keeps piling it on.

$5.39 a gallon in Orlando and ABC goes after the owner of the gas station. Great job ABC. You find an aberration and try to show your toughness by going after the owner of the gas station. 99.99999% of Americans do not go to that gas station. What about the rest of us, tough guys? Ask President Obama why these prices are so high. You go after the owner of a gas station in Orlando, but let Dear Leader have a pass? What happened to “speaking truth to power?” Now I guess the “power” is the guy who runs the corner gas station.

The media has clearly shown they cannot think for themselves on this issue. They refuse to tell us about the tremendous oil reserves we have in this country spreading from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. A Federal judge has held Obama in contempt of court for not allowing drilling in the Gulf, but do you think that makes any of their exposes on “Pain at The Pump?” Nope.

“Now the airlines are taking it out on us,” says ABC along with tips on what we can do to save gas given to us from the so-called, “Smart Screen.” They tell us all the time how we can sacrifice and scrimp and save ourselves, without telling us the real reasons why the prices have skyrocketed. Bianna Golodryga told us earlier this week, while standing in front of the Smart Screen, that “gas prices are directly tied to the price of oil.” That’s one Smart Screen there. Brilliant Screen, I would say.

Sunday night on CBS we were told, “The Obama administration is considering tapping into the Strategic Oil Reserve as an option to help stabilize spiking gas prices fueled by turmoil in Libya.” Libya provides 3% of our oil, tops. They do not even make the top 10 when it comes to countries that provide oil to the United States. Besides, why are we still so dependent on oil from other countries? Canada is number one and that’s because they have the northern end of the Rocky Mountains that are loaded with oil. Don’t we have the Rockies as well? I believe we do, and our Rockies are loaded with oil as well. Why are we still at the supposed mercy of the middle east when it comes to oil? Ask the Smart Screen that.

Also, 10 years ago the media’s political arm, the Democrat Party, told us that we should not drill for oil then because it would take 10 years to bring the stuff to market (which is false,) well, I guess we should’ve listened to the Drill here, Drill now folks back then. What are the Democrats saying now? Strategic Reserves is all they’ve got. This is Strategic Destruction.

This is absolute social engineering happening here. We can get our own oil and our government is choosing not to so. The media is not holding the Obama administration accountable, but instead is telling us to drive less because they are all part of the Goofy Green cabal with the feds. Yep, it really is that simple. King of the Social Engineering Media, Thomas Friedman wants higher gas prices to control what Americans do. Trust what he says. This is what he believes. Obama believes it as well.

While I’m at it, isn’t saying Gadafi is responsible for our rise in gas prices an admission that the Greatest President in the History of Presidents is being held at bay by a crazed little madman in North Africa? The Worst President in the History of Presidents, Evil Bush, put Gadafi in his place when he forced him to give up his nukes, but The Orator Obama can’t deal with the guy, so as a result, we all suffer?

The gas prices started rising long before the middle east blew up and the rise began because the Obama administration is printing money like it’s theirs and we refuse to find more of our own oil. This is all by design, not by accident. This is like having Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl but the Green Bay Packers deciding to run the ball every down. “Well, I guess we didn’t win because our running game wasn’t working today,” says Coach Mike McCarthy after the game. Do you think the media would sit on its collective hands and accept that answer? “Coach, you have Aaron Rodgers and you didn’t throw the ball, are you nuts!” They are doing that right now with their Dear Leader. They are accepting whatever he tells them, and actually — right now they’re not even asking him the initial questions.

I’ll help them.

“Mr. President, why don’t you obey the Federal judge who told you to resume drilling in the Gulf? Why are you ignoring the court order telling you to do so?”

“Mr. President, oil prices are tied to the dollar, since you are printing money like crazy, don’t you think this is raising the price of gas, and everything else, for that matter?”

“Mr. President, why don’t you push to start drilling in ANWR?”

“Mr. President, why don’t you remove some of the regulations limiting oil exploration in Big Sky country, those states are loaded with oil but they can’t get to much of it or bring it to market?”

“Mr President, you said in your news conference that there is a “finite” amount of oil on the planet. When did the planet stop making oil? You seem to know something here that nobody else does, please impart.”

“Mr. President, you said you want to help the poor, you are the best Community Organizer ever, (just look at all the great things you did for the south side of Chicago while you were there,) the poor are being hardest hit by your policies right now. Why are you hurting poor people?”

“Mr. President, why did you once say that you did not mind gas prices rising with a gradual adjustment, is this the gradual adjustment you were thinking of when you said that?”

Oh, the list could go on and on, but it is fruitless because the activist old media neutered itself long ago. They never ask the initial question, how could they ever ask the tough follow-up? They celebrate the extravagance of this President with multi-million dollar vacations to Hawaii with friends galore, Motown Celebrations in the White House, State dinners for Communist leaders, a workout coach flown in twice weekly from Chicago, Kobe beef transported from Japan and rounds of golf a-plenty, all while the Recession rocks the rest of us.

I’m no longer thinking swear words while at the pump.


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