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The Media Version of March Madness!


I’ve got your March Madness right here.

We have a Supreme Leader in this country who is living fat off the land while the rest of us struggle through the worst recession in our lifetimes. All of this while the media sings his praises and ignores his opulent spending, vacations, parties, extravagance, golf outings, Kobe beef flown in from Japan, workout coach flown in from Chicago twice a week, and his stone ear to the will of the people.

Aren’t these some of the things that got those dictators in the Middle East in hot water?

While the Middle East is on fire, Japan is under water and shaking to its core, Dear Leader is busy filling out his NCAA Tournament Brackets for ESPN. March Madness. This past weekend he went golfing for the 61st time since he took office and held a basketball party at the White House. Not to mention a State Dinner for a Communist Dictator (oh—I guess I did just mention it.)

Nobody thinks our President should be living the life of a pauper with sackcloth and ashes as his daily garb, but I can’t be the only one out there noticing what’s going on here. Let me make a prediction here, and this prediction comes from three decades in the media. When Obama leaves office the activist old media will let a few stories like the one I’m writing now ooze out there like they had learned this through osmosis, or something. They will even try to take a bit of a hard line mentioning how Obama fiddled while Rome burned, or something similar. Truth to power? Once he is out of power they will have an epiphany. They might even question other ideas with Obama that they dismiss as bizarre conspiracy theories today—-this absolutely will happen and they will act like they knew it all along.

Yes, this is the same Dear Leader who vacationed in Hawaii while the east coast was buried in the worst snow storm in years. As I pointed out in a Big Journalism column earlier this year, the media had the perfect opportunity to draw a contrast/connection between “Obama in the Surf” and “East Coast in the Snow,” and those who strain to make segues sing, choose to do otherwise.

Could you imagine George W. Bush pulling stunts similar to these during the aftermath of 9-11? Michael Moore did a alleged documentary (that Foolish Fahrenheit Farce) pointing out how Dubbya went with his wife to the extravagant vacation spot of Crawford, Texas a few too many times for his liking. Imagine the movie Moore could do on Obama. I’ll help him write the script if he’s struggling with the details. Obama’s off to Rio soon—they are calling it a work trip.

Now, in fairness, Presidents are never really on vacation. When Bush was in his cozy Crawford ranch he was always in touch with what was going on, and Obama does the same when he heads to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard or Oahu. I can’t be absolutely sure in either case, but I’m assuming when you’re the leader of the free world you keep that cell phone on all the time.

It’s the insensitivity of the timing here—almost like he wants to everybody to know he will do whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it, while the world erupts on a dozen different fronts and he knows friends in the media will watch while slobbering on the sidelines. Normally Presidents have to worry about the perception of this kind of stuff. Kings and dictators do not because their state run media will fall in line.

Also, it should be mentioned here is that it might be best for this President, or any President, for that matter, to stay on permanent vacation. Stay out of our lives, leave us alone. That being said, it seems the only time this President gets serious about his job is when he’s working hard to dictate what we do with our lives. You will always see him get very serious when it comes to social engineering, or spending trillions of our dollars. Laser-like focus. When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker bravely took on the unions in his state, Obama Barackovich jumped into the mess faster than Julia Roberts went after Pacific, Gas and Electric in the movie. I think somebody must have tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him he’s only a president, not a governor.

Obama told Gadafi to leave Libya and the madman is snubbing his nose at Dear Leader and America. Not to worry, the weather is nice in DC this week, tee it up! Japan is blowing up and Obama holds a Basketball Summit at the White House. Gas and food prices are going through the roof and Obama is filling out his NCAA Bracket. Unemployment is 9% (it’s really much higher) and Obama has a laser-like focus on bullying in the school yard.

March Madness anyone?

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