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Brazil's Anti-Obama Riots Ignored by Media


A U.S. President beset by angry mobs screaming “Yankee Imperialist Go Home”, exploding Molotov cocktails, rubber bullets, tear gas, riot police.

El Comandante Che Guevara

In 2007 the MSNBC headline screamed “Protests greet Bush upon arrival in Brazil” and The Guardian one-upped it with “Angry crowds hunt Bush as protests mark start of Latin America tour”. Fast forward to 2011 as another U.S. President faces identical protests and riots. Funny thing, though, this time there is absolute stone cold silence on these protests and riots from the New York Times, CNN, AP, YahooNews, MSNBC, The Guardian, etc. (Politico to its credit reports it).

Sporting Che Guevera T-Shirts, radical leftist protestors “associated with the Socialist Workers Party, PSTU,” launched Molotov cocktails in front of the U.S. consulate to protest President Obama’s arrival in Rio. Military police fired rubber bullets at the crowd, using tear gas and billy clubs to chase away the violent, socialist and oh-so-intolerant protesters. It seems the Left is never satisfied. What’s a radical left-wing president to do?

What is most ironic about the Brazil protests is that the PSTU is a hard core socialist party in Brazil. While anti-Obama protests in the US consider Obama a socialist, the socialists in Brazil consider him a yankee capitalist, the bane of the Latin American left … PSTU says the protest is to bring “American imperialism” to the attention of the millions of Brazilians …

Hmmm. Could this be why the President “cancelled a public speech he was scheduled to deliver Sunday” in an “historic plaza” in the “heart of Rio de Janeiro?” Well, we may never know from most in the Make-Believe Media. Yahoo News and New York Times are too busy breathlessly praising Obama as the guru of Hoops citing his so-far superb basketball bracket noting that even women’s hoopsters have attracted Obama’s laser-like focus, promoting my new moniker for our Bookie-In-Chief: “Bracket Hoops” Obama.

Meanwhile, the NY Daily News staunchly defended Obama’s trip to Rio as a business trip, blasting conservatives who questioned Obama’s timing and point to his choice to bring the missus, kids, grammy and godmother along as proof that this is really a Spring Break vacation.

But cooing over The Guru of Hoops just isn’t enough. The MBM finds itself increasingly acting as traffic cops detouring folks around gory news scenes they don’t want you to see, kinda like 21st Century Clinton bimbo suppression squads. So with Rio street riots, the MBM adopts a need-to-know approach that otherwise might put an embarrassing socialist peccadillo on the face of oil-rich Brazil, thereby hurting Obama’s oil-begging tour in Rio. It’s embarrassing enough that the oil-rich US is already lagging behind China’s lead on the matter.

What a difference four years make.

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