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Libyan War, Quickly To The Backburner


As deceptive as the activist old media can be, nobody will accuse them of being total idiots. Barack Obama has stepped in it and the media will do everything it can to hide the smell.

They are hoping and praying (if they pray) for other stories that can knock the Libyan War off the headlines—they know the longer it goes, the more embarrassing it is for Dear Leader. Every headline on this war makes him look more and more the hypocrite. Eventually they will try to blame this on Bush, if they haven’t already.

Take the crackup of the coalition in the conflict, Germany has bailed and the story is ignored. This is sort of a biggie, there folks. There is confusion amongst the countries over who is in charge. Are the French, British, the Americans, who knows? Since Obama insists that America is just another country on the map with a flag, there can be no Alpha Dog leading this war, thus, we see collapse in the coalition that the media so praised from day one.

The media had a lot on its collective plate on Wednesday. Liz Taylor died and there was more fear and anxiety to spread over the nuclear plants in Japan (BTW, on that front, the media has gotten more of those stories wrong than they have gotten right, but we knew that from the start.) Then there was another cute baby video to show from YouTube. All sorts of big stories to tell—who cares that Germany has told Obama they are bailing and virtually the only place you can find this info is in the British newspapers.

Context, something the media ignores when they choose to, has also left with the Germans. The activist old media has virtually ignored the statements of Obama and Biden and other Democrats during the Iraq War. They are everywhere. The media and their Democrats (who voted twice for the Iraq War) blasted Bush incessantly for supposedly not going to Congress for a vote and for not getting UN approval in Iraq. For the record, Bush did have NATO on his side, but the UN would’ve never given approval on Iraq because the head of the UN’s son was part of the Oil For Bombs program with Saddam. It was actually called Oil For Food, but since there was so little food involved, it was actually oil for bombs and this was a Brilliant Bill Clinton program. This was the plan whereby France, Germany, and the UN traded oil with Saddam for supposed food for his people. Instead, unbeknownst to the world, this was not exposed for what it really was until America went into Iraq and in the process uncovered quite possibly the largest financial fraud the world has seen.

The activist old media is ignoring the confusion of the mission on the part of the White House right now. Obama has said that Gadafi must go, while US military officials have said that this is not about regime change. Those sound bites are easy to find, they’ve happened in the past week. They don’t even have to go way back to 2003-2007 to find the inconsistencies by the Democrats on war policies. This is a layup and the media is missing the shot—intentionally.

March Madness continues.

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