What To Do With Donald Trump?

The activist old media have a dilemma here, what to do with one of their most powerful and favorite persons who lives in their favorite city on the planet? The Donald is causing them trouble and you can see their discomfort.

Let me say, the best interviews are the ones where you are surprised by the answers. Where the person you’re talking to shocks you with something you were not planning on. Good reporters know what 90% of the answers are going to be before they even ask the questions, so it’s something special when you get that number turned upside down.

Meredith Vieira, instead of embracing this unique moment, she was shocked, dismayed and disturbed that Donald Trump was saying the things he said about The Brilliant One.

Forget for a moment some of the specific things Trump said to Vieira the other day on “The Today Show,” but just watch her defensive reactions. Every time Trump blasted her Dear Leader she took it very personal. She had to fire back in defense as if Trump were going after one of her family members.

Trump actually said he supports the tea party! Meredith must’ve thought she has been thrown into a “Saturday Night Live” skit, or April Fools was happening twice this year.

Then it got worse, the outrage that Trump would attack Barack Obama for everything from his incompetence to his birth certificate continued during that show and continued the next day. ABC said on Good Morning America that this was nothing more than a stunt by Trump to bring ratings up on his prime time NBC show. The show is already #1 on the net in prime time, so that argument falls flat. Either way, they want to assure all of their friends at the same restaurants that they go to in Manhattan that Trump is nothing more than Vince McMahon and they are just watching the political version of World Wrestling. He’s sure to come back to their little fold that supports the largess of government and needs the elite nature of the rich and powerful to survive. Certainly he can’t be serious about this run for the White House and his love of those tea party degenerates.

For now, that is they’re story and they’re sticking to it. If the activist old media were telling us what they really believed, they would tell us that they are going to take an extra pair of underwear every time they interview him—or they might just have him drop off the face of TV interviews altogether. Gotta do another 45 minutes on the Royal Wedding, no time to have Trump come on and tell the truth about the war in Libya being about oil (actually, it’s about European Oil, we get only 3% of our oil from Libya.) Or have him go on another rant about how horrible President Obama is a doing negotiations because he never really worked where he had to negotiate anything more significant than how big the 95c scoop of ice cream had to be. These people in the New York media worked their asses off getting Obama elected, they can’t have one of their own come in and try to mess all this up.

As for Trump having investigators in Hawaii checking on the birth certificate issue, think what you want about the issue, but this is something the media should have done long ago. If they can send 5,000 media people to Wasilla, Alaska to find out what kind of buckshot Sarah Palin uses, they can send a dozen or so to Hawaii to ask some real questions about Obama’s long form birth certificate. While they’re at it, send another dozen to Harvard and Columbia. There are a lot of people curious about the specifics there. Mr. Transparency has been the least transparent president since before JFK. We know very little about Obama’s past because he wants it that way and his adoring media is obliging. We did find out one of his best friends in high school, a regular golfing buddy, Bobby Titcomb was arrested last week for soliciting a prostitute. So far, that’s about the only person we have heard about from his past that hasn’t blown up buildings or spews anti-American and anti-Semetic preaching from the pulpit. This is a travesty that has lasted for at least three years that the media has no interest in trying to look into the past of the current President. Somebody must be very afraid of what they will find. Trump is doing the job the media refuses to do.

None of this surprises me, or anybody else who is dialed in to what is going on, but it needs to be documented and it needs to be documented now. When Obama leaves the White House on January after next—the media will start finding some of this stuff out, or they will just act like they knew it all along and it was just absorbed through osmosis. There will be no confusion about his religious beliefs and they will write about his mysterious, questionable past. Blasting the king while he is out of power is what cowards do. Pointing it out while he is still on the throne takes the kind of courage that journalists used to have.

As for the Presidential Race, Trump is raising the bar for Republicans. They cannot show the same fear that McCain had in 2008. They need to be simple, straight and direct and demand answers. Be prepared for the activist old media to fire back and hate the fact that you are even bringing up issues like these. Sure, there are more important issues in this campaign—but there is also plenty of time to get vital Constitutional questions answered and demand that the Democrat candidate take the same anal exam that the Republican candidate will undoubtedly take.


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