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Illustrating America's Media War for the Establishment Press


As we’ve noted here at Big Journalism, faux-conservative blogger Conor Friedersdorf, now with the Atlantic, has made it his personal mission to police Andrew Breitbart and his websites. In Internet parlance, he’s known as a troll. Today he reviews the first chapter of Andrew Breitbart’s new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! (out today!), and claims to have refuted Breitbart’s calling-card claim “America is in a media war.” There’s no need to read the article, however (but feel free), since The Atlantic demolishes Friedersdorf’s point while proving Breitbart’s just by publishing the article. The left-leaning establishment news outlet that’s been around over 150 years published a hit piece by a writer creepily obsessed with Breitbart before he has even finished the book. This effort to strangle the conservative media mogul’s book in the crib sure seems like “media war” to me.

The fact that Friedersdorf’s post is possible–ney, expected–just as the book is hitting stores, is exactly why Righteous Indignation and continuing to shed light on the fact that the establishment press is conservative America’s primary adversary is so important.

It’s what we call “irony.”

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