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Wonkette's Ken Layne, Blogger Jack Stuef's History of Targeting Kids

From Legal Insurrection:

First of all, Sarah Palin doesn’t “parade” her kids around any more than any other politician. Hey Ken, have you seen all those photos of the Obama kids with their parents on vacation and elsewhere? I’ve addressed this phony “prop” charge before.

But more important, Layne has a very convenient memory. In 2009, as I documented in my post Wonkette Goes After Trig Palin Again, Layne mocked Trig, including running this photoshop which he took from a posting board:

In 2008, Wonkette ran a post by Jim Newell, who now works for Gawker, mocking Trig and joking:

“Little baby Trig must be so glad he wasn’t aborted for this, his first Halloween, because his parents dressed him up like a political party symbol to be carried around at snarling political events. Aww. Isn’t life just grand?”

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