More Media Disconnect on High Gas Prices

The absolute disconnect between the media and reality on “Pain at the Pump” gets more profound every day.

The first rule for the media on high gas prices, do not make a connection between Barack Obama and rising prices, in fact, make it look like he is doing everything he can to help stop the suffering.

Second rule, tell the viewers/readers that there’s really nothing they can do about the high prices, just deal with it and believe in wind chimes and moonbeams to fuel our future. Instead of pointing out why gas prices have risen to 4, 5, soon to be 6 bucks a gallon, they tell us to just accept it and buy a Nissan Leaf, drive only downhill, or walk. “Thank you sir, may I have another.”

First things first: Obama. As I have pointed out before, the incessant printing of money is causing prices of everything to rise. You don’t have to be Alan Greenspan to know that when you print money at the rate of this administration prices will go up, especially on gas because the price of oil is tied directly to the dollar. Last week NBC briefly mentioned this salient fact towards the end of one of its news stories (without blaming Obama, of course) but then ran virtually the same story in its next newscast without mentioning the main reason why prices are going up. Somebody must’ve made a phone call.

Next up, and this has already begun, Big Evil Oil Companies will be releasing their profits this week. Already the media is using its stale, inaccurate template that those profits must be attacked because they are the cause for the spike in prices. The fact is, removing all of those profits would save consumers only a few pennies on every gallon, plus, you would then have to tell all those Americans whose retirement plans are full of oil company stocks that they won’t be getting dividend checks next month. Watch those stories full of half-truths, they are on their way.

But don’t worry, the President in on this. ABC’s David Kerley on “Good Morning America” assured us by saying, “President Obama is going to go after anybody who gouges.” Wow! That’s good to know. What if the President himself is actually gouging every American by printing dollars by the tanker full? Obama sounded tough during a speech in Reno when he said he was going to launch an “investigation” and the media loved every second of it, he said: “That includes the role of traders and speculators, (cheering) we’re going to make sure nobody takes advantage of American consumers!” Don’t you worry there folks, the sheriff is on this and he’s going to take down those bad guys he thinks are making money off this (unless they are actually him, or in his White House.) Compare this to the rise in gas prices in 2005 and 2008 when the media could not do a story on pain at the pump without mentioning George W. Bush and Evil CheneyBurton (You can’t say one name without the other, so let’s just cut the crap and make it one name.) Don’t doubt me about this, I was told to read those stories as a news anchor, and you heard them delivered by somebody.

Politico is covering for Dear Leader by saying he is trying to look, “proactive on an issue over which he has little control.” Well then, there you have it folks, Bush is blamed, Obama is given a pass.

Oh, and it gets better, Bianna Golodryga of ABC pointed out how the President said Republicans are to blame because “budget cuts proposed by Republicans would keep the country from making critical investments in new alternative technologies that could wean our dependence on oil, a lot of pressure on this administration.” Robin Roberts quickly agreed, “A lot of pressure on this administration.” What the? Who’s out there pressuring this administration? Certainly not you, hell—you’re probably going to start blaming Bush again. You point the finger at Republicans then talk about all the pressure on Obama? Total disconnect. Maybe they’re referring to the “pressure” Obama feels when he has to fill up his Presidential Limo or Air Force One … that charge card may bounce next time he pulls up to the pump (hey, the makings of a funny skit for “Saturday Night Live” right there. You’re welcome.)

They talk about the effect of high gas prices on Americans, not the cause. They have stopped blaming Gadafi, as they did initially, because they must’ve figured out how foolish and pathetic that sounded. Only 3% of our oil comes from Libya. Drilling for more of our own oil is ignored as a solution because the media doesn’t want that solution. They believe in the fantasy of global warming as part of their religion and this is a chance for them to pump the parasol powered Prius that will supposedly save the snail darter.

Then ABC did a fluff story on the Leaf and put it out there as a solution. It’s basically a golf cart for the highway but they praise it as brilliant (current Leaf not pictured above, but this may be a prototype.) “It takes 2 seconds at home to plug it in at night and in the morning it’s fully charged,” said a Leaf owner. That’s great, alternatives are important to look at, but does the media care to mention where that electricity comes from? Pinwheels and weather vanes, perhaps? As they did a generation ago after Three Mile Island, the activist old media has ruled out new nuclear power plants because of what has happened in Japan….so what will power that Leaf, pray tell? Giddyup!

Roberts concluded the gas price segment by saying, “Everybody’s looking for some options, aren’t they?” Nope, we’re not, we have the answers and you are ignoring them. Stop printing money and drill for more of our oil. Do that story, activist old media.

Journalist malpractice is everywhere on this issue.

“There’s just no escaping these painful gas prices, even in the air,” said Golodryga about rising airline prices. Well, there you have it, there’s nothing we can do. The same media that praises itself non-stop for protecting us from everything that’s “bad and evil,” tells us we’re on our own with this one. Yes, there is something we can do, November 6, 2012 is coming. We have options.


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