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Obama and 60 Minutes, Spiking The Football


What a waste of 60 Minutes. Actually, it was more like 42 minutes, but Kroft gave us nothin.’

I will say this was exactly as I predicted, but that would be way too easy. The activist old media is easier to predict these days than a Laker loss to the Mavericks.

Every question I said Kroft would not ask, was not asked.

Was it an assassination or capture mission?

Why all the different versions coming out of the White House?

Are you glad the CIA water boarded Khalid Sheik Mohammed to get the intel? You don’t get the intel, you don’t get bin Laden.

Secret prisons and Gitmo? Not asked.

And finally—The Dept. of Justice is prosecuting a Navy SEAL for giving a terrorist a fat lip; will you tell Eric Holder to stop this prosecution?(Don’t say he can’t.)

I was asking a lot to think that Kroft and 60 Minutes might actually do its job.

Instead we got questions like these:

“How much of it was gut instinct?” Gut instinct? You act like he’s General Eisenhower being bombed to smithereens by the Blitzkrieg while in London and having to make the call to storm the beaches of Normandy. I’m guessing that comparison is coming soon. Obama had months to make this decision from the air conditioned White House and had he not gone after bin Laden once we knew where he was, what does 60 Minutes think would’ve happened then? Not even they could’ve covered up that mess (although they would’ve tried.)

Obama also trashed Hillary Clinton when he talked about the criticism he received while campaigning for President saying he would go after bin Laden in “Pawkestaaan” if given the chance. Neither Kroft nor Obama mentioned that it was Obama’s current Secretary of State who criticized him. Opportunity for delicious irony intentionally missed. Let people think it was Republicans who went after him in the campaign.

“Do you believe it (the compound) was built for him?” Seriously? No Steve, it was built for the other 6 foot 4 inch most wanted al Qaeda millionaire terrorist construction expert in Pakistan.

“What was the most difficult part of your decision?”

Virtually every question was phrased as a lay-up for Obama to bring more attention to himself and to allow him to “spike the football” over and over again. Spiking the football is what Dear Leader accused us little serfs in the Outer Realm of doing had we seen the dead bin Laden photos. We wouldn’t know how to control ourselves. Instead, the White House has now become like DeSean Jackson running across the goal line and throwing the ball in the stands.

“After you make the decision to go ahead, you have, like this incredible week, you surveyed the tornado damage in Alabama, you took your family to the Shuttle launch and this was all going on, you knew what was going to happen?” I was waiting for Kroft to say that Obama also stopped Global Warming, caused the seas to abate and found the Lindbergh Baby during that week.

Oh, it gets better—“Did you have to suppress the urge to tell someone, did you wanna tell somebody, did you want to tell Michelle, did you tell Michelle? Ya, Steve—he told The Rock, didn’t you see Dwayne Johnson’s tweets breaking the news?

Obama never answered the question about Michelle, and I don’t think anybody really cares. I was waiting for Kroft to ask Obama how many cigarettes he smoked during that week and what he scored for the nine holes he played on Super Sunday.

As for the room that day where they watched, “What was the mood?” Answer: “Tense.”

“Were you nervous?” Answer: “Yes.”

Brilliant stuff there.

Kroft could’ve just asked him, “What do you think of the Bush Doctrine that you blasted as a Senator and are now instituting?” One semi-tough question like that would’ve made the evening of viewing worthwhile.

There was even a moment where Kroft set up a straw man for Obama when he asked him about how some may never believe bin Laden is dead. Ugh. The same people who laugh at conspiracy theories perpetuate them.

We are all happy the rat bastard bin Laden is now sleeping with the fishes. 60 Minutes had the rare opportunity to get to the heart of the matter with the Commander in Chief to pin him down on relevant issues, clearly they had no intention of doing that. As great as last Sunday was for the media and the coverage of the initial news of bin Laden’s death, this Sunday has shown they are not up to the task. I’m guessing not many Navy SEALs in that bunch.

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