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What The Media Won't Tell You About Dominique Strauss-Kahn


The man who “runs the world’s money” has also been called, “The Great Seducer.” While I think they had something else in mind when they were talking “seduction,” there are some similarities here between taking our cash and taking whatever else you might think you want at the moment.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the head of the International Monetary Fund and currently in jail for allegedly trying to rape a hotel employee while staying in a $3,000 a night room in New York.

This is what the media has mentioned early and often, but they are not interested in telling people who Strauss-Kahn really is.

The Great Seducer is a leftist millionaire Socialist who lives tax-free while taking $100 billion of our dollars in 2009. Wikipedia also calls him a “former Communist.” Not sure when he made the move from Communist to Socialist, but whatever fine line there is between the two, we know he likes taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor. Here’s your modern day Robin Hood, folks.

It won’t surprise you that Strauss-Kahn is a big European Union guy. In fact, you may not have heard on your evening newscast that Strauss-Kahn was given that $100 billion of our dollars in 2009 by the Obama administration to help bail out the EU. While we thought we were debating whether to give New York or California billions of dollars, we were actually handing over billions to Greece in one of the world’s great “shell games.”

Obama and Democrats called it an international stimulus that needed to happen to help the world economy.

Read that last sentence again and tell me it doesn’t make your blood boil.

You thought five bucks a gallon was bad.

Actually, politicians also called the $100 billion a “War Funding Measure,” which only doubled-down on the deception. This was your cash going to Strauss-Kahn of the IMF. Reuters even called it a “victory for President Obama” to help the IMF lend money to countries who needed it during the economic crisis. I’m guessing they won’t be linking Obama’s name to the IMF and Strauss-Kahn again anytime soon.

I cruised through the morning shows on Tuesday to see if they would make this connection between Obama/Democrats and Strauss-Kahn. I was not surprised when they ignored this little ol’ fact. The NBC Today show did 10 minutes on this issue showing the size of his cell and talking about the charges against him, but never really telling us that this guy is one of the world’s classic leftists/Communists/Socialists who has been propped up by our government … and the tea party is extreme?

I’m not sure whether Strauss-Kahn is guilty of rape or not, anything can happen in a New York courtroom, but I do know his case has exposed what is a much larger problem in this country that affects us all. We support these people with our dollars and the media (the Great Protector of the People) won’t tell you about it. They will not make the connection between Obama and Strauss-Kahn, but they are like minded leftists. This is their cabal and we are paying for it.

Just thought you should know who took our money — and who gave it to him.

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