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The Left Makes Political Hay Out of Disaster


Like clockwork—you can count on the activist old media to take a human disaster and make it political.

They are still searching for bodies in Missouri and leftists have started their chant of “global warming,” “climate change,” or “global cooling,” or “global whateveritisthisweek.”

NBC’s Al Roker jumped right out of the box on Tuesday and laid the blame for the killer tornados on “climate change.

In a conversation with Martin Bashir on MSNBC Al imparted his god-like wisdom upon us;

“And you know look – yesterday, or the day before yesterday; we had the tornado in Minneapolis. We have had these tornadoes and earlier this week we had a tornado in Philadelphia. And so, you know our weather, or climate change is such now that we are seeing this kind of weather not just in rural parts of our country, but in urban centers as well.”

I’ll put this right up there with the comments after Katrina when Robert Kennedy Jr. blamed George W. Bush for the hurricanes because he didn’t sign the Kyoto Treaty. “The Kyoto Treaty clearly forbids hurricanes from coming ashore,” said Kennedy. “Without the protection of this vital document, the United States will continue to remain vulnerable to bad weather.”

I should probably spend time here writing about how signing a treaty could “forbid” a hurricane from coming ashore, but I’ll let that foolishness speak for itself. Plus, I will add, because we are human, Bob Jr., we will always be vulnerable to bad weather. Sort of comes with the ticket that was punched on each of our birth days.

Perhaps Kennedy thinks this is the reason for the tornadoes as well, Bush didn’t sign Kyoto. Obama hasn’t signed it either, does he get blamed? What does Kanye West think on this topic? Clinton signed it, but even his aides said it was wrong to do so. Besides, this was 1998, Clinton had his mind on other things. By the way, what happened to the hurricanes, anyway?

The heart of the matter here is that everything is anecdotal. The colder winters, the tornados, the polar bear on the iceberg (whoops, that was photo-shopped.) Anecdotal. Anything can be called “climate change.” The left has made a joke of it because they use it to explain virtually everything that happens with Mother Nature.

For the record, we have no idea where the planet is going with its climate. We haven’t been here long enough to know and we can’t use tree bark and ice caps to tell us what’s happening with a planet that’s been around for 4 and a half billion years (not sure how they came up with that number, but we’ll go with it for the sake of discussion.)

What were the tornado patterns in the 1400’s in the area where Joplin, Missouri is right now? What about hurricanes in Texas during the Dark Ages? If you’re going to allege climate change, you have to have a base from where it must be changing. We really have no base and anybody who says they do is deceiving you. We do know the Ice Age would’ve been a nasty time to be around, and oh…speaking of that, tell me who caused the Ice Age and I’ll tell you who controls the elements today. I do know my SUV did not cause the Ice Age or the Medieval Warming Period.

I also know is that we have more people on the planet than ever before and thus, more people are going to get tragically killed by natural disasters. We also know that because of the media we see virtually every disaster as it happens, so we all see a volcano in Iceland today, had it happened 200 years ago, James Madison would’ve had no idea it was going on. By the way, he also did not sign Kyoto.

As for Roker, this is absolutely predictable and foolish. Others will undoubtedly join him, if they haven’t already. Group think leads newscasts. My thoughts are turned towards those who are suffering, struggling and missing loved ones today, while leftists try to gain political advantage.

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