WeinerGate: MSM Ignores Trifecta of Sex, Politics, and a Rising Political Star

With the exception of Jonathan Allen and Ben Smith of Politico, who both deserve credit for covering the Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) story we broke here at the Bigs on Friday night, the mainstream media’s silence on this objectively important story has been deafening. And now that 24 hours have passed since the story originally broke, there’s simply no way to blame the MSM’s lack of interest on the holiday weekend.

After all, this isn’t just any story. Regardless of how it all eventually breaks, what we have here is either the story of a high profile, recently married New York Congressman who’s seriously considering a Mayoral run in Manhattan, tweeting his “junk” to a young woman two decades his junior — and lying to the media about it. Or we have a story involving a high-profile Congressman’s Facebook and Twitter account being hacked with pornographic pictures.

So ask yourself: how does the MSM justify all but ignoring something so juicy? And then if you’re still not convinced of the story’s newsworthiness, remind yourself that these events are not unfolding in one of those odd, square-shaped states our journalist-class fly over every once in a while. This is a New York story that involves the trifecta of politics, sex, and a rising political star. Furthermore, the icing on the cake is Bill and Hillary Clinton. Last July, in a ceremony officiated by former President Clinton himself, Rep. Weiner married Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

Now, please don’t bother to answer any of the above questions. They were rhetorical and answered by the “D” after Rep. Weiner’s name. Naturally, the hacking of a Facebook account connected to one of the best known and most outspoken Democrats in Congress is a bonafide story … unless you’re afraid of where that story might lead. And if you’re interested in what a WeinerGate story looks like when a news outlet is terrified afraid of where it might lead, read this.

And while you’re reading that and wondering where all the coverage is, here’s a refresher course in Congressional sex scandals that did manage to dominate the news over the past few years. No doubt you’ll find a few of these names familiar: Larry Craig, David Vitter, John Ensign, Chris Lee, and Mark Foley. To answer your question… Yes, they’re all Republicans.

Another fascinating example of how the corrupt media has attempted to suppress this story can be found via our friends at Mediaite, who went full Media Matters Saturday by turning WeinerGate into an attack against Andrew Breitbart. In their top-of-the-page article, not only is Shirley Sherrod mentioned twice, but there’s a bizarre attempt to spin the authorship of the Big Government article into something suspicious:

Also notable is the fact that this post’s author, Publius, is entirely anonymous. Why didn’t someone with a real identity and something to lose sign off on this?

Well, why didn’t someone at Mediaite with a smidgen of reportorial curiosity simply click the “Publius” profile link where they would discover that “Publius” is the byline for the Big Government Editorial Panel; which is not only “someone with a real identity” taking ownership of the story, it’s everyone in editorial, including Breitbart himself. How exactly is that any different than when Mediaite jumped on the Media Matters bandwagon to destroy Fox News’ Bill Sammon with an article written by the “Mediaite Staff” — which, I would argue, is much more ambiguous than our editorial panel. One wonders if Mediaite’s entire staff (does that include housekeeping?) is aware they got into bed with George Soros.

Even better, however, is how Mediaite closes their hit on Breitbart; with this genius piece of insight:

But this may not be a laughing matter, we either have a serious media or political scandal on our hands. We will soon see which one.

Mediaite’s goal here is obvious and, not surprisingly, shared by the left-wing fever swamp known as the Daily Kos: to distract from a legitimate story by targeting the messenger. Mediate’s desperation to change the subject was even more transparent on Twitter where editor Colby Hall (you remember Colby) and White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher (you remember Tommy) proved they were much more interested in badgering the messenger than looking into the possible misdeeds of a sitting Congressman. For a taste, read here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Other than Politico (the exception that appears to prove the rule), this is your MSM, folks. This is who these people are and how they operate. Larry Craig, David Vitter, John Ensign, Chris Lee, and Mark Foley were all made superstars of the media narrative, but as of right now it looks as though Anthony Weiner’s possible indiscretions are being treated like those of John Edwards — see, hear, and speak no journalism.

Thankfully, on Twitter and in the right-wing blogsphere, WeinerGate is exploding as Citizen Media does what the elite media refuses. As I write this, they’re the ones asking intelligent questions, digging for information and furthering the story one tweet and blog post at a time. All the while, you can sense the MSM hovering, watching, and wringing their hands with worry over how the great unwashed and uneducated might once again force them to cover a story they wish would just go away.

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