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Huffington Post/AOL Bury #Weinergate Story


Okay, this will get me in trouble but here goes..

The Huffington Post has finally posted something about this weekend’s evolving #Weinergate Story – but not on the national page, but buried… …in the much less read New York section.

And their judging by comments – readers noticed:

Huffington Post has buried next week’s top story. Amazing


Why is this a LOCAL story and not a headline story on the HP? Thats right, Weiner is the loudmouth liberal with a D next to his name.


It’s kind of shameful that HP is burying this story that broke on Saturday, and I have only heard about it because of comments in other stories. Clearly his account was hacked (Twitter seems notoriousl y easy to hack) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t news.

HuffPost Could Have Run The Story Two Days Ago & Chose Not To:

This is the part that HuffPost won’t be thrilled with, but I mention it because I think it proves some real bias going on: After months of not blogging at Huffington Post because of their treatment of Andrew Breitbart, I decided this story was juicy/big enough that I wanted to get it out to the HuffPost audience. After all, Huffington Post had been great about publishing my John Edwards pieces.

So I submitted an article that I thought was good – my Would Your Spouse Buy It? article with an added introduction paragraph to explain the story…and note the date…

And I even emailed the blog team and HP editor Roy Sekoff…again, note the date:

There’s no question in my mind that if the piece was about Paul Ryan or Michelle Bachmann sending out underwear photos, it would have been frontpaged all weekend. But it’s about liberal Democrat Anthony Weiner, and it got the spike.

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