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Battle Won, War Still Undecided


My memory is getting worse with time, but it’s still pretty good. Anybody out there remember what happened on Nov. 2, 2010?

I think there was an election that day and if my memory serves me well, Democrats and liberal Republicans got creamed. Bear with me for a second, I think my numbers are pretty good here, 63 House seats, six Senate seats, about a dozen governorships, and close to 700 State House seats flipped from “D” to “R.” I also seem to recall at the time that the Democrats and their activist old media worked hard to downplay and ignore the massacre because….well….because it just hurt too much to acknowledge the slaughter.

American voters sent one of their most clear messages ever.

Voices have been heard in DC over the recent debt ceiling talks, but they will not be silenced until this problem is solved Constitutionally. Government cannot solve its spending problem on its own, it must be controlled through the Constitution. Our Founders knew this, the tea party patriots know this, the media and the Democrats still don’t get it, but they are on the run right now, and they do know that.

While both sides will claim victory over the debt ceiling talks, there is no question the debate has changed. Victory never happens soon enough for those on the right side, but serious ground has been gained. A battle has been won, but the war itself is still undecided.

Elections have consequences and the progress being made right now is because of what happened Nov 2, 2010.

Perhaps the left has some sort of short term memory loss. It can happen these days because there are just so many things out there to have to remember. They seem to have a pretty good recollection of the Barack Obama Presidential election 2008, but that was historic. The conservative tea party sweeping the nation was just downright aggravating, so it’s best that they just ignore the things that bother them. Probably something they learned in the public schools.

There is something else I vaguely remember from 2008. Help me with this and correct me if I’m wrong.

When Republicans go against their party they are called “Mavericks.” Wasn’t that the word used to describe John McCain in 2008? I think it was. Now, when Republicans go against their party on a budget bill they are called partisan hacks, unpatriotic, hostage takers, tea party nuts, terrorists (yep, Politico did that), or whatever else the Democrats and their activist old media choose to call them. What happened to the “Maverick” line? Oh wait….”McCain Maverick” called tea party Republicans “hobbits,” so even the Maverick himself has no use for mavericks. Maybe his memory is fading.

To help get all this straight I watched Piers Morgan on CNN Friday night. Certainly Piers, or one of his producers would remind him of what happened Nov. 2, 2010, but not to be.

“One of the problems here is the Republican Party is split,” says Piers. I thought perhaps Piers would be happier if the Republicans were united with the tea party, so then he couldn’t use the word “split” as a pejorative. But then, after watching Piers get creamed by a tea party Republican, I came to the conclusion that he must not like the tea party and the fiscal responsibility that they voted for on that day long, long ago on November Something or Other, 2010.

Here it is. Piers should watch it again to see how he could do better next time. I always liked watching my worst newscasts so that I could improve and get better. It’s not really that his performance was bad, but that he got creamed by Jason Chaffetz, one of those silly, little, ignorant, divisive, angry, tea party Republicans. One from Utah, no less.

Poor Piers is imprisoned by his leftist template here and it makes him unable to hear how badly Chaffetz cleaned his clock. Maybe he has a hard time remembering what happen last election, as well. If he has, he could read the numbers at the top of this column or have one of his producers google, “Republican landslide 2010.”

Piers also talked about how Super Senator Harry Reid couldn’t remember the name of the Republicans “Cut, Cap and Balance” Bill. He talked about it like Reid was making fun of the bill. Perhaps, but in this case, I’ll bet that Reid’s memory really is failing him.

Reid did say it’s time for #compromise and that’s “what the American people want.” Ya, time has made things a bit hazy, but the results from that first Tuesday in November showed Harry that Americas ran to the polls to hit the #compromise button. “Quick Martha, let’s rush out the door so we can #compromise!” This might be more than just a memory problem for Senator Reid. I think if you want to tell us “what the American people want,” you should at least be able to remember back to the last election.

Also, I looked it up on that internet thing–the next election is November 6, 2012. I don’t think America will forget.

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