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VIDEO: Obama's Failures Too Evident for Media to Hide


In 2008, there were people all over the blogosphere and in the conservative movement that said Barack Obama was not up to the job. His experience as a legislator at the state level and then for two short years at the federal level, had not produced enough evidence that he was capable of managing the responsibilities of Commander in Chief.

[youtube Cbe8e1tIqxQ nolink]

While this perspective could of course be viewed as subjective, it was at the very least a legitimate narrative, worthy of consideration by the press. They were more than happy to play that narrative out with Governor Palin after all.

But ultimately, these concerns were squashed by the press who, following his media assisted election, were so ecstatic that they got thrills up their legs and compared him to God Himself.

As president, he’s been afforded the same luxury for the majority of his time in office. The media, it seems, would go to any lengths to prop him up and forgive his mistakes and incompetence, without even asking tough questions from the White House Press Corps.

But now, the evidence is simply too great and too obvious to sweep under the carpet. As our credit has been downgraded, unemployment stays high and our economic prospects look more and more bleak, it has become difficult for even the mainstream media to continue their love affair with this president.

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