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Fareed Zakaria Pines for Parliamentary Government


The “gridlock” of which Zakaria speaks is due to and extreme socialist faction which has hijacked the formerly liberal party in this country, a faction whose policies seek to reshape the Constitution which is, in their view, an anachronistic document. It is this similarity to a parliamentary system which has tanked the American economy, and Zakaria, either from deliberate obtuseness born of bias or genuine ignorance, fails to see this.

And who knew that India’s parliamentary system was apparently so superior to the republic of the United States? I dare say it has allowed India to bypass us in financial standing, technological contributions, quality of life, better quality food and water, medical care, and peace! That’s probably why Zakaria felt compelled to seek citizenship in the United States.

(P.S. It’s probably also why the British Parliamentary system is not at all making headlines right now with yet another massive wave of riots, the second outbreak in about a year. Yay for the Parliament!)

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