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Politico's 'Is Rick Perry Dumb?' Hit Piece Is Just a Taste of What's Coming in 2012


One day, in the heat of the 2008 presidential election, the mainstream media’s anointed candidate was strolling through a swing-state neighborhood looking for a quick photo-op so he could be seen touching the flesh of a few “bitter-clingers” — and then something amazing happened. One of those “bitter clingers,” a man simply minding his own business in his front yard, dared to ask the mainstream media’s anointed candidate the kind of tough question the mainstream media never would. The Anointed One, not used to tough, probing questions, revealed something in his answer about his True Beliefs — the kind of thing neither he nor his media pals ever wanted made public.

Politico’s Jonathan Martin

We all remember what happened next, a “spread the wealth” YouTube moment was born, Sen. John McCain amplified it, and Obama faced a few tough news cycles. And unfortunately for Obama, the moment itself was so raw and revealing there was no way for him to squirm out of it. And so there was only one solution: change the narrative by destroying the messenger. Obviously Obama couldn’t be seen openly destroying private citizens (he’d have to wait until he was elected and the tea party came to life to do that), so the dirty work was left to his media minions, who were all too happy to do whatever was necessary.

Desperate to change the subject from Obama’s default socialism, Jonathan Martin at Politico stepped in and did something that can only be described as morally obscene — he published oppo-research against this private citizen (who eventually came to be known as Joe the Plumber).

So what does this have to do with Politico’s Rick Perry hit-piece?

Well, the left-wing hitman who wrote the “Is Rick Perry Dumb?” piece is the same Jonathan Martin who savaged that private citizen, and the reason he wrote the Perry piece is for exactly the same reason. This is all about protecting Barack Obama, all about creating a negative narrative around any threat to Barack Obama; and if Politico and Martin were willing to slime a private citizen to elect Barack Obama in 2008, what do you think they’re willing to do to see their investment re-elected in 2012?

It’s just a fact that Obama cannot win re-election, and furthermore, the media knows this. Obama is a failed president who failed in a way no president before him ever has. For two years he could and did get absolutely every piece of legislation passed he wanted passed and as a direct result, The Great Recession is looking like it could be The Great Double-Dip Recession — or worse.

Nope, Obama cannot win re-election. The media, however, can win it for him, and the only way they can do that is to toxify our candidates into something unelectable.

We’ve already seen what the MSM has done to Rep. Michele Bachmann this year. The very same MSM that found little of interest in the fact that Obama spent 20 years in a racist church run by an anti-American racist demagogue, not only found the Congresswoman’s personal faith of major interest, but also that of her husband’s. We saw what the media did to Donald Trump; how they tried to tell us a man we’ve known for decades was some kind of secret racist because he dared do the media’s jobs and ask a sitting president to disclose an important document.

One by one, the left-wing media will attempt to pick off our candidates using their boilerplate racist/stupid/crazy narratives. These narratives are intentionally designed to plant seeds of doubt in voters, smother the candidate’s message, distract from their records, and most importantly, to take the spotlight off of Obama’s endless list of failures.

This isn’t bias on the media’s part and it’s not elitist-beltway-bubble thinking. This is a bitterly partisan war being waged by a media disguising themselves as “objective.” They are our real political enemies in 2012, not the “smart” man currently occupying the White House who “brilliantly” destroyed any hope we had for an economic recovery and is “ingeniously” addicted to a teleprompter as he “wisely” goes on vacation every ten minutes.

If you believe Politico hit bottom with their attacks on Sarah Palin and her family, Newsweek hit bottom with their Bachmann cover story, or any part of the MSM has ever bottomed out — you haven’t seen anything yet. This is merely the tip of the spear, the 2012 warm up.

And no political threat to Barack Obama is safe from the MSM’s dirty work; not a successful governor, not even private citizens who are just minding their own business.

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