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Nancy Giles Misconstrues the Celebration of Justice


Sunday morning is a fun time to rest, relax and get ready for kickoff.

I’ll sometimes watch CBS Sunday Morning to get my fill of artsy fartsy stuff, something funny from Bill Geist, and occasionally an interesting commentary from Ben Stein.

Then I see Nancy Giles do her commentary about Republicans at their recent debates, not so much about the candidates, but about the people in the audience “applauding at the idea of death,” as she says.

Nancy, let me say this as simply as I can, they were not applauding death; they were applauding justice. But, in your narrow, leftist world, that’s all you can see, the potential death of the murderer, not the victims needlessly massacred by a madman. In fact, victims were never mentioned in your little two minute bit. You used your time to mention how bad the crowd was for cheering, how the Republican candidates didn’t repudiate the crowd, and how this guy on death row should be seen as a victim of a crazed mob.

Giles brought up one specific case. With a sneer and a jeer she blasted Rick Perry and Texas because the US Supreme Court overturned a recent death penalty conviction of one Duane Buck. During the trial, a witness said that blacks are more likely to commit crimes than whites, so the death penalty for Buck has been put on hold. What did Duane Buck do?

Perhaps I should tell Nancy, because she apparently missed this part. Buck has confessed to fighting with his girlfriend, grabbing two rifles, heading to her house, shooting and killing a friend of hers who was there, then chasing her into the street and shooting her in front of her children. He stood over her bleeding body yelling, “The bitch, she deserved it!” Debra Gardner and Kenneth Butler are both dead because Duane Buck killed them. I will join that crowd and cheer his execution when/if it ever happens and I mourn for the needless loss of life at the hands of a brutal murderer.

Were those facts not relevant? Nancy—if you care to know, that’s why the people were cheering. Justice is worth cheering for.

She also made her standard lib push for government run healthcare by saying that Republicans are part of the “let the uninsured die crowd.” Oh well—seems she missed the Death Panels in Obamacare. I’ve lived under European nationalized “healthcare” and it aint a pretty sight, Nancy.

She also asked what the “clearance process was for the audience in these debates, I just can’t believe they represent the entire Republican Party.” Well Nancy, wake up, they do represent the Republican Party and many Democrats as well. Polls say 75% of the nation support the death penalty, especially in cases of multiple homicide from admitted killers, like Duane Buck, whom you defend by your lack of context. Plus, more than half of Americans want Obamacare repealed because we are smart enough to see that it is not about healthcare.

Buck may get life in prison, instead of death, because a witness said something inaccurate and horribly racist during his trial. That is a separate issue, but I will mourn this lack of justice and cheer his execution if it eventually happens. As a leftist, Giles, you can only see bloodthirsty neo-cons cheering the death of a black man because that’s all your narrow mind knows. You will never understand that the crowd was applauding justice for the victims.

Giles is not alone in her self-imposed confusion. Rachel Maddow made the same observations. In the shallow end of the pool, there is poor visibility, little room for deep thinking and templates cannot change.

In the case of healthcare, the crowd was applauding Liberty. Our Founders cheered for Liberty. Today we the people are cheering loud for Liberty (maybe you’ve seen the results of virtually every election since Nov 2010.) You in the small, narrow minority see it as something else. That’s your right, but it must be stated which side you stand on when you and your activist old media attack those who cheer justice and Liberty.

Beware, we may cheer louder next time.

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