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Tuesday Quick Hits


– Tingles are out David Brooks has admitted to having sap running down his leg over Obama. It’s taken Brooks over two years to catch up to what most out here have been telling him. How good a columnist does that actually make him? Another Obama propagandist bites the dust.

– CNN does its best to make Texas look like an economic disaster. Also galling a caption under a video: Texans grab their guns as economy stalls. Sure why not go for violent and extremist too. And when did this become a bad thing in America?

Experts chalk up the minimal services and take-up rates to Texas’ anti-welfare attitude. In the Lone Star State, you are expected to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

– CNN reports Charlie Rangel made a surprise visit to a Rick Perry event in his district. Why am I thinking that if a Republican surprised a Democrat in that way it would be reported as an “ambush.”

– Credit where due – the Post’s Fact Checker points out mis-statements in Obama’s recent Rose Garden speech.

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