ESPN's Double Standard

I’ve written before of ESPN’s enforcement of policy concerning political speech. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that the selective condemnation extends to radio commentary as well. Don’t everyone gasp at once.

We remember how Rush Limbaugh had to resign from ESPN over a remark about Donovan McNabb that progressives insisted was racist.

[youtube XGiTv_xRd5A nolink]

Compare this to Mike Tyson’s recent appearance on ESPN’s Las Vegas affiliate. The show’s (called “Gridlock”) hosts, Mitch Moss, Seat Williams, and Pauly Howard laughed hysterically at Tyson’s remarks on air and on Twitter.

Some quotes from the nine minutes of frat boy #fail humor (shield thine eyes ye with sensitive constitutions!):

“You want her to be with somebody like Rodman, jigging up in there [inaudible] push her guts up in the back of her head, right?”

Just imagine Palin with a big ol’ black stallion, rippin’ just rippin. Everybody gotta get that out of their system …”

“She met the wombshifter.”

“I wonder what Palin would [inaudible] a poor black man on the street needs some assistance … I know she’d give Obama some love … I’m sorry! I’m not sorry!”

Mitch Moss says that Tyson never actually said “rape” (should we ask Whoopi? What’s rape rape?) so it’s cool.

I’m pretty sure advocating for banging someone’s guts up to the back of their skull with your phallus sans consent is the opposite of “consensual love making.” Moss believes assuming this from Tyson’s nine-minute Marquis de Sade/Sarah Palin description is worse than Tyson’s actual words. Maybe he’s enamored with Tyson’s celebrity? He’s blinded by that totally awesome facial tribal tattoo? /sarc

I actually listened to the nine-plus-minute segment several times so I could accurately decipher what Tyson was saying.

Really, Moss? I’ve a saying for gents like you: if you don’t like the heat, go to the fridge and make me a sandwich.

Moss operates under the misconception that his show exists in a vacuum, and that anyone affected by its offensive content is out of line for … being offended. He had a rapist on his show and he and his cohorts stopped short of picking up their pom poms and cheering Tyson’s remarks.

Yes, I and all the other women out here are a treat because we expect men to act manlier than prepubescent boys giggling like they’re talking about sex for the first time. It was only funny to you guys. To everyone else it was painful in a non-comedic way. Painful like when The Situation tried to tell jokes at the Donald Trump roast and bombed. This wasn’t locker room humor, this was violent fantasy.

I’m also not one to think the worst of the male sex and brush this off as “boys will be boys” because this isn’t how men act. This is how progressives act, though.Where is NOW, by they way?

Pauly Howard thinks if you hate on the interview you’re a “puppet.”

So all these guys would be cool if Tyson joked about their wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers in the same manner? Because if not, they have a double-standard they’re excusing simply because the woman in question is named Palin.

Meanwhile, Hollywood keeps on celebrating Tyson.

No, Piers, why?

ESPN allows this on their affiliate and all of the conservatives with their Daily Caller Day of Rage are now curiously silent about ESPN. This was done on an ESPN station, which is worse than a website reporting it, yet crickets. It causes further suspicions; I wondered aloud in yesterday’s post whether some were just exploiting this as a way to settle a score with Tucker Carlson. They’re making me believe that they are by not calling out the entity that facilitated this story in the first place.

By the way, look at what occurred on Twitter last night as a result of the ESPN/Tyson episode:

That was just from me Tweeting the link to yesterday’s story and asking Moss whether Tyson was talking about violent sex. You don’t even want to see the emails.

Are you proud, Mitch Moss, Pauly Howard, Seat Williams, ESPN?

All I want is for them to apologize and recognize that this was sick. It’s a simple request.

To ESPN: what Limbaugh said was nothing compared to this. Will you be consistent, or will you dodge the issue because the target isn’t a man, it’s a woman, a woman whose name is Palin?

And to certain conservatives: will you call out ESPN with equal or greater fervor?

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