Correction Request: Ed Schultz Falsely Claims Ohio's SB 5 Prevents Collective Bargaining on Safety Equipment

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz–reporting from Ohio–lead a panel that advanced the falsehood that new legislation (SB 5) prevents firefighters and police from bargaining collectively on personal safety equipment:

[youtube HBvFp5GQDXI nolink]

In fact, SB 5 explicitly provides–as existing law does not–for collective bargaining on personal safety equipment. Here are the two most relevant excerpts:

After the panel, a reporter explained to Schultz that SB 5 allows for firefighters and police to bargaining collectively on personal safety equipment, to which Schultz replied, “I don’t think it does.”

Now that Mr. Schultz has had the opportunity to familiarize himself with the text of the bill, we respectfully ask him to correct the record.

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