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Democrat Jon Corzine Gets A Pass For Role In Derivatives Meltdown


Protection from the activist old media when scandal hits is a great deal when you can get it.

Political figures know that a Republican who sneezes sideways gets blasted non-stop, and a Democrat can stand on top of the local Clock Tower picking off the public with a high-powered rifle and the people will be blamed for getting in the way of the bullets.

This is the way the game is played, and everybody in the media and in politics knows it. Fortunately, the public is becoming more aware of this all the time.

You think I’m being extreme? Take the case of former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

Corzine ran MF Global. That company just filed for bankruptcy, meaning investors have lost as much as $700 million dollars. Corzine is a Democrat–a big Democrat. It’s hard to find that fact in the stories being done on the collapse of MF Global, if Corzine’s name is even mentioned at all. Democrat Corzine may have also transferred investors’ funds days before the collapse to avoid detection by authorities. If this were a Republican, Joe Biden would call this a big ‘effin deal.

Good Morning America ran the story this week on the collapse of MF Global. It was all of 14 seconds long and Corzine’s name was left out. Whoops–didn’t have time to fit that in. Forget mentioning he was a big, lib Democrat, he got the luxury of his name being totally ignored. Hey, it’s a great deal when you can get it.

Perhaps ABC just didn’t have time to mention Corzine’s name, you might think. Ah, but in the same segment they spent 3:15 going after Republican Herman Cain and 2:12 going after Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee for doing commercials for a company that sells gold. And yet after all that, they didn’t have time to tie Corzine to his own now-bankrupt company. Regular folk will lose hundreds of millions of dollars because of him, but Cain, Beck and Huckabee must be destroyed. Hey, get the Madoff widow on the set!

Who is Corzine and how does he get this protection and preferred treatment from the media? Well, he’s a former Democrat Senator, a former Governor of New Jersey who left the state $7 billion dollars in the hole, and just three months ago he was being tapped by the Obama Administration to become US Treasury Secretary. Hey, he sounds like a perfect fit. Corzine was pretty well known until this scandal hit. Now he has the luxury of being placed in the activist old media’s Democrat Protection Program. Corzine? Nope, don’t know him. What ever happened to that guy? Oh, he also used to run Goldman Sachs so those #OWS protesters may want to include his picture on their protest posters, but since they only watch MSNBC they won’t know of this story and certainly won’t know that a prominent Democrat was at the bottom of this scandal.

The media will also play their favorite trick with this story; it works like this: When a Republican rips people off and Americans lose tons of money, both Wall Street greed and the Republican party are mentioned in the same breath and blamed for the collapse. For a while there I thought Ken Lay’s first name was “Republican.” With the MF Global story it will just be mentioned as Wall Street greed and tied into the #OWS story (gotta love those TV news “transitions”) to support their cause. In the rare instances that Corzine’s name is mentioned, his party affiliation will get a pass. That’s how it works. I know–I was handed those scripts to read and had to correct them live on set.

If you need further proof of this, ask yourself what political party Bernie Madoff belongs to. You’ve probably never heard it mentioned. Why? Because he’s a big Democrat. He donated big time to the Democrat Senatorial Committee and numerous Democrats over the years. Go down his list and there only three Republicans on it; the rest are big time lib Democrats. Schumer, Clinton, Dodd, Lautenberg, Rangle and others–including Jon Corzine. Madoff gave money to Corzine. How delicious. I wonder who Corzine/Madoff voted for in the 2008 Presidential race? Let’s see how long it takes the media to put that connection together.

* Charles (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY) 03/31/1998: $300

* Charles (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY) 05/22/1998: $2000

* Charles (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY) 04/08/2002: $2000

* Charles (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY) 08/18/2004: $2000

* Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) 02/18/2004: $1000

* Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) 07/20/2007: $2600

* Ronald Wyden (D-OR) 03/25/2003: $2000 ($1000 each from Bernard Madoff and his wife)

* James Matheson (D-UT) 10/18/2004: $250

* Jon Corzine (D-NJ) 08/24/1999: $1000

* Darlene Hooley (D-OR) 10/15/2004: $250

* Joseph Crowley (D-NY) 08/26/1998: $500

* Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) 01/13/2000: $1000

* Jeffrey Merkley (D-OR) 04/24/2008: $2300

* Martin Frost (D-TX) 10/15/2004: $250

* Richard Gephardt (D-MO) 09/23/2003: $2000

* David Obey (D-WI) 03/10/2000: $1000

* Edward Markey (D-MA) 05/15/1998: $1000

* Edward Markey (D-MA) 06/17/2004: $4000

* Vito Fosella (R-NY) 04/20/2000: $1000

* Alfonse D’Amato (R-NY) 09/21/1998: $1000

* Wilbert Tauzin (R-LA) 05/05/1998: $1000

* Charles Rangel (D-NY) 10/23/1998: $1000

* Charles Rangel (D-NY) 08/30/2001: $1000

* Bill Bradley (D-NJ) 04/26/1999: $1000

* Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 10/30/1998: $1000

* Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 05/09/2005: $25000

* Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 09/30/2006: $25000

* Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 05/04/2007: $25000

* Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 09/12/2008: $25000

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