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MMfA Propaganda Watch: Media Matters Attacks 'Fast and Furious' Critic


When the scandalous “Operation: Fast and Furious” began to get attention from Republican lawmakers and finally the press, the guardians of Left’s pro-Obama / Democrat narrative tried to discredit the people talking about it. Chief among the smear factories was, of course, Media Matters. The gun-walking operation, which has led to numerous deaths in Mexico and the murder of at least one Federal Agent – Brian Terry, is clearly a disaster. But in the sick and twisted world of Media Matters, the real threat comes from the people speaking out against their Dear Leader’s potentially criminal debacle.

Several commentators have speculated the operation was purposely botched in order to lend some real world data to the assertion that the guns used in Mexico mainly come from the United States, the crux of the argument being that this statistic bolsters attempts for tighter gun control here in the US. It may be a leap to make the connection, but the statistic has been used in reporting about the Mexican drug wars. Reporting including statements like this:

But finding a way to stop the weapons flow, now known as the “Iron River,” is being hindered to some extent by U.S. gun laws, officials say. In November, the inspector general of the Department of Justice detailed the problem, citing the lack of a federal statute specifically prohibiting firearms trafficking.

Again, it might be a leap, but the jump isn’t that far. The point is that there’s really no reason to paint those who have been following Fast and Furious as kooks because they see the potential. Someone should be asking these questions, but those questions are uncomfortable for the Obama administration, and Media Matters can’t have that. When Democrats are being questioned, Media Matters goons suddenly become strict constructionists in interpreting journalistic standards. They also try really hard to shoot the messengers like Mike Vanderboegh.

Captain Bob Kolenda, director of the Kansas City Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group (KCTEW), confirmed in an interview with Media Matters that an analyst with his group warned more than a year ago of the potentially dangerous consequences of former Alabama militia leader Mike Vanderboegh’s novel “Absolved”.

Apparently, Vanderboegh’s book was cited by one of four men who were arrested in Georgia as “inspiration” for a plot to attack federal employees and civilians. If you’ve learned anything by now, it’s that you should do some research into the things over which Media Matters gets breathless. The four men are loons. If you read this report from, you can see that the book didn’t turn previously normal individuals into murderous terrorists. They were allegedly part of a militia group known to authorities which was apparently infiltrated by an undercover agent who learned of the plot and built the case against them. The four men are also senior citizens who had trouble hearing the judge at the preliminary hearing. They’ve been into this stuff long before this book came out. Speaking of which, does Media Matters really want to go down that road? Books that might lead to violence? Thought crimes, etc?

Anyway, this is not to say that the charges aren’t serious. They are. The FBI seems to have stopped a potentially deadly attack. This is also not a defense of Vanderboegh, who has said and written some things that can easily be considered extreme and “out there.” The point here is that Media Matters has seized — with a death grip — on this one person in order to frame all opposition to Fast and Furious as fringe. The goal is to pretend that Vanderboegh is the only one who thinks there might be more to Fast and Furious that hasn’t been discovered and by discrediting him, they discredit everyone else looking into it.

Meanwhile, in Media Matters’ world, a federal operation which has led to the death of at least one federal agent and is threatening to bring down the sitting Attorney General of the United States, is just a “controversial” program that “right-wingers” are making too much of a fuss about. Nevermind the Congressional hearings, they’re just responding to the “right-wing noise,” they say. The Soros-funded propagandists would rather you not look into it at all. Letting thousands of guns “walk” into Mexico isn’t a threat. A book is the real threat.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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