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NBC News And "Lucky Sperm Syndrome"


There was a time, probably before you were born, that the NBC News brand was the standard bearer for quality news. Granted, that bar was always low, but there was a time when they cleared it with ease. Now they have to jump up to reach it … they usually miss.

Two weeks ago news came down that MSNBC had hired Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Daily Beast “columnist,” as a contributor. That means she would now be paid to give her opinion on TV, an opinion no thinking human being has ever sought out even when offered for free online.

It was a move so puzzling that the liberal website titled their piece on it “‘Lean Stupid’: MSNBC Hired Meghan McCain.” In her first appearance on the payroll, McCain said “she “bets [her] career” that Newt Gingrich won’t win the GOP nomination.” Gawker added, “What career?”

To that point her “career” had consisted of saying and Tweeting embarrassing things, complaining when people pointed them out, and authoring a book so poorly written and painful to read as to make “Everyone Poops” read like Hemingway. Now she’s MSNBC’s insight offerer on Republican politics, bring to that position all the wisdom being her father’s daughter and an “art history” degree has to offer … none.

But NBC wasn’t done building up their stable of members of the “Lucky Sperm Club,” people whose greatest (or only real) accomplishment is to be born to the right people.

It used to be mostly confined to Hollywood, when children of famous parents would miraculously find themselves cast on TV shows and movies regardless of talent because someone made a phone call or a producer saw an opportunity to kiss the right butt. No more.

As network “news” bleeds from objective reporting to an agenda-driven extension of corporate entertainment divisions, more and more “golden children” find themselves with positions that were once, not so long ago, reserved for those who earned them.

Enter Chelsea Clinton.

Clinton, who worked as a hedge fund manager, an extremely high-paying profession that was roundly criticized in the 2008 election, served on the board of her father’s charitable foundation and the School of American Ballet (one has to wonder how she got those positions), so it’s only natural that he next stop would be journalism. Right? Seriously, right?

She’s just been signed as a correspondent, not for the embarrassing brand-tainter MSNBC, but the flagship NBC Nightly News and the new weekly “news magazine” show “30 Rock.

Chelsea will “share ‘Making a Difference’ stories” on the broadcasts. The “Making a Difference” campaign is described as having “a history of profiling organizations and individuals who represent the best of what works in the United States and around the world, frequently emphasizing stories about everyday people doing extraordinary things.” They’re generally liberal feel-good pap designed to give the impression that people can’t make it on their own.

More from the NBC press release:

“Chelsea is a remarkable woman who will be a great addition to NBC News. Given her vast experiences, it’s as though Chelsea has been preparing for this opportunity her entire life,” said Steve Capus, President of NBC News. “We are proud she will be bringing her considerable, unique talents and dedication to NBC News.”

Again, that “vast experience” consists of being born to a former President of the United States and current Secretary of State.

She has no background in journalism, didn’t study it, didn’t work her way up through local news and earn her shot. She’s the daughter of famous parents.

I can see now why liberals think it’s impossible for people to make it on their own, their kids only seem to make it, and make it big, because they’re their kids.

McCain and Clinton will have company in the nepoistic commissary at NBC. They’ll have the option to lunch with Jenna Bush, who works for the “Today Show,” and Luke Russert, son of the late “Meet the Press” host Tim Russert, who covers Congress. None of them earned their positions through anything other than being the offspring of people with connections.

When it comes to the media, maybe liberals are on to something. Studying, dues paying and merit are futile exercises, if your dream is to work for NBC News and you’re just a person with drive, talent, ambition and dream.

Perhaps Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who magically gets access mere mortals couldn’t and funding for documentaries run on HBO, will make a movie about this phenomenon. The Academy is undoubtedly anxiously awaiting an opportunity to put their pre-ordered Oscar nameplate to use.

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