Stupid Headline Of The Day: The American Camilla Parker Bowles

Courtesy of the Washington Post.

Writer Amy Gardner makes no attempt to explain her headline. We’re left to assume that she’s equating Callista Gingrich and Camilla Parker Bowles because they both were at one time the “other woman.” That’s pretty much where the similarities end, unless Gardner thinks that Gingrich is the heir apparent to the White House, the Gingriches the royal family, and that the White House is the same as the English monarchy. The Kennedys seem closer to such a comparison.

The Washington Post is eager to tell you all about Gingrich’s past troubled personal life, but won’t touch the story of Vera Baker, or the 20 years the Democrat opponent spent sitting in a church where antisemitic and racist remarks were considered “Gospel.”

What additional insight does this article provide? It seems like content thrown up just to call Callista Gingrich Camilla Parker Bowles — who, by the way, is enjoying newfound popularity among the British, in spite of her sordid past.

You either believe in repentance, or you don’t. As it’s not for us to decide, we can only go on the words and deeds of those involved.