Media Matters Tries To Stir Controversy Over Loesch, Limbaugh – Fails

Media Matters appears fixated on a mission to try and silence the free speech of Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch, while also engaging upon a campaign to somehow damage her with CNN. True to their Leftist origins, it never seems enough for them to disagree, or even take offense, at someone, or something, they invariably resort to attempting to silence them. Such thuggish tactics have no place in media, least of all in America. Perhaps they are mis-named.

Now, they’d like their readers to believe that somehow Rush Limbaugh has rejected Loesch’s comments. But that’s simply not true.

Dana Loesch’s comments, too extreme for Rush Limbaugh, put her out on the fringe where CNN should never go.

Certainly, Limbaugh has his own opinion, one that MMfA would likely desire to shut down every bit as much as they now seem intent on silencing Loesch. However, Limbaugh also took to task the very type of over-reaction in which Media Matters is now engaged, over-reaction that was Loesch’s original point. Evidently, MMfA is too blinded by their mission to realize Limbaugh may as well have been speaking directly to them, given their current misguided efforts aimed at Loesch. Emphasis mine.

Well, there’s a video, nobody knows how old it is, of some U.S. Marines urinating on the bodies of Taliban combatants in Afghanistan. Peed on them. And of course it’s Marines. It violated the rules. There’s no defense of this. The overreaction of this is nuts, but still it happened.

It’s worth noting that, while obsessively attacking Loesch in post after post, they’ve yet to acknowledge the comments of Representative Alan West (Fl).

I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.

All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?

The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.

As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.

MMfA also ignored the scores of other conservatives who’ve said the same, some beyond, Loesch’s original point on reaction.

Mark Levin:

And what we should be saying: “Let this be a lesson to everyone of you subhumans who plots against America and tries to kill American citizens. We don’t give a damn who you are! We don’t give a damn what you believe! And we don’t give a damn if you’re offended! Because we’re going to hunt you down and kill you and then humiliate you after you’re killed!

While I haven’t spoken to Dana regarding the incident, along with her own response, there are some comments I would add as someone who enjoys talk radio from time-to-time. As a form of entertainment, or info-tainment, if you prefer, talk radio often engages in hyperbole to touch and expose emotions in a manner a bit more raw than one might expect from news, or on a CNN. Given the tragedy of 9/11 and the American lives lost in the War on Terror since, it should be no surprise to anyone that there are Americans who harbor great anger at terrorists and forces like the terror-supporting Taliban who continue to target and kill Americans to this day. That Loesch would seek to tap into, or channel such real emotions as part of her program should not only not be shocking, it should not be viewed as some terrible offense.

Yesterday on my radio show I discussed the topic of the Marines videotaping themselves urinating on dead Taliban fighters. The usual mob of progressive haters started campaigning on Twitter and complaining to CNN.

The alternative, to ignore, or in fact, try to silence such sentiments does nothing to further honest discussion of the challenges America faces today in a dangerous world, nor does it do anything to relieve the pressure of said emotions many a good American most surely feels deep inside. Yet, instead of any serious discussion, all MMfA seems intent on doing is drumming up controversy, while attempting to silence a vibrant voice of the Right in opposition to them.

Silencing any opposition is precisely what religious extremists like the Taliban attempt to do within areas of their control. That MMfA would pick up that same tactic in voicing whatever protest it may, or may not honestly feel about Loesch’s remarks, is to no credit of theirs, nor is it appropriate in a free American society such as our own. It is repression, not free speech that gives rise to forces like the Taliban and MMfA should think better of it before launching upon their next media-based jihad.