What Does The Mainstream Media Want You To Know About The GOP Candidates?

Apparently, not much.

[youtube QYZvMMrgP20 nolink]

The pressing issues of the day according to NBC: Terri Schiavo, sugar subsidies, the Everglades Project, the over-asked “Will you run as a 3rd party candidate?” question, English as the official language, and the very pressing issue of deciding what to do when Fidel Castro dies. There were a few moments that allowed for internal bickering and foreign policy. Most of the time, the candidates were fighting the moderators to get in policy talking points so that the American people might be slightly more informed of what the candidates actually plan to do should they be elected President.

The opening questions put two of the four candidates in a position to bash each other, which allowed for almost an hour to go by during which candidates were focused solely on each other’s past rather than their policy differences with President Obama. No questions about Solyndra, crony capitalism (though conflict of interest was implied by a candidate in one exchange), Fast & Furious, the Keystone pipeline, Executive orders, the economy (outside of the housing market), education, climate change (or lack thereof), or job creation. Rather, a much more appropriate question–according to hosts–was: “Why didn’t the Bush tax cuts work?”

Candidates had to stretch the questioning to include President Obama and his policies because the moderators did not want to have that discussion.

So, it’s not so much a question of what the MSM wants you to know about the GOP. The real question is, “What does the MSM not want you to know about President Obama and his record as President?”