One Exception To Media's Abysmal March For Life Coverage

Media outlets didn’t cover March For Life while it happened, despite knowing it was going to happen and hundreds of thousands of people there. News outlets do have stories on it now, but of course the number of people there are distorted and the stories are pretty bland. Again, remember how much effort went into Occupy Wall Street coverage. Reporters were at the scenes. News stations were always on them. Also if they had anyone on the scene at March For Life they’d have a more accurate number of people.

Photo Credit Michelle Fields from The Daily Caller

The best coverage belongs to Judge Andrew Napolitano on his show “Freedom Watch” on FOX Business Network. Judge Napolitano is a fierce pro-life advocate and doesn’t shy away from the issue. At the end of every show he signs off with “The Plain Truth” and yesterday it was about abortion.

[youtube KvjE5e02WE8]

His guest was Rep. Renee Ellmers who discussed the defense of life. This was the most coverage by anyone in the media. Thank you, Judge Napolitano.

I then went to FOX News and I’ll admit, I was disappointed. The article was written by Shannon Bream and just like C-SPAN she called the protestors anti-abortion. Yes they are anti-abortion, but why doesn’t anyone ever call them pro-life? Why do they have to be constantly addressed as anti? When pro-choice protesters march they’re referred to as pro-choice, not anti-life. She did, however, give a reasonable estimate of people there, tens of thousands. Trust me, that’s much better than some of the others.

The Washington Post had a few sections on March For Life. They even posted a short video of people at the Supreme Court from the AP. Here’s a post with a bunch of pictures from the rally, but of course they have to stick to the “anti-abortion” meme. I was surprised to see this article about the young people involved in the rally. One of Michelle Malkin’s points addressed the way in which the media ignoresthe increasing number of young peopl joining the rallies. But again why all the anti language? These kids are PRO-LIFE. I wonder if Katherine Driessen calls pro-choice kids anti-life kids. I also don’t like how she pretty much only described kids carrying graphic abortion signs. There were so many kids there not holding graphic signs. The Post used the AP article about the rally and didn’t bother to correct the title. More than thousands were there. Hundreds of thousands of people were there. They even stated it’s usually the largest rally in the year in Washington, DC. Here are some more photos from people on Twitter:

Credit Michelle Fields, The Daily Caller

Credit Allison McManus, @allisonelmc22

Credit Michelle Fields, The Daily Caller

Credit Kyle Sanders, @colonel4God

Credit Lizzy Cross, @LizzyC383

The worst belongs to CNN, who said hundreds of people were there. Hundreds?Look at the pictures above. Do those look like hundreds? You have to remember: these pictures didn’t come from just ONE street. These are MANY streets in DC. They also kept the “anti” meme. MSNBC used the AP article and didn’t talk about it on “NBC Nightly News.” ABC News did the same and unsurprisingly didn’t mention it during World News. I’ve been searching The New York Times, but I can’t find anything on it. I searched “march for life” and the abortion topic popped up with what appears to be an article on March For Life, but when I click it I can’t find the article. Well, they didn’t have an article, just a slide show of pictures. Here’s the other thing. You have to look all over the page to find it. So I’m going to say The New York Times completely blew off March For Life. What a shock, right?

I did the media’s job for them. I reached out and interviewed someone who was at the rally, Michelle Fields. Ms. Fields is a reporter at The Daily Caller. I purposely reached out to her because she covered Occupy Wall Street. I emailed her these questions:

  • How many people do you think were there?
  • Was it anything like OWS?
  • Were people kind and cleaned up their own trash?
  • What kind of people were there? Races, religions, ages, etc.

Ms. Fields said this was by far the largest rally/protest she’s attended in her whole life. She would call one of her colleagues a few streets away and they would tell her they were surrounded by tens of thousands of people. This fits in with my above pictures.

The young people are the only similarity between Occupy Wall Street and March For Life. Ms. Fields said when she covered OWS she was worried how people treated her. People at March For Life were kind and more concerned with raising awareness. There were some pro-choice protestors at the rally and she said they appeared as though they wanted to fight. They’d yell at the pro-life protestors, but the pro-lifers would be patient and calmly explain their side of the abortion view. This was actually a surprise to her and her cameraman because they were used to the vulgar awful attitudes at OWS.

OWS is known for literally trashing the places they protest. During C-SPAN’s coverage I noticed that one of the speakers constantly reminded people to pick up after themselves. Ms. Fields said everyone cleaned up their own trash. A protestor from Los Angeles told her they didn’t just want to raise awareness, but leave DC in better condition. The protestor also said a group of them were collecting food & other goods in 300 blue backpacks to hand out to the homeless in DC. You can see Fields’s coverage here.

I’ll leave you with some more pictures.

Credit Christine, @CatholicMomVA

Credit Christine, @CatholicMomVA

Credit Catholic News Agency

Credit Telecare TV

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