Wag the Finger: Media's Selective Memory

After President Obama was caught playing tarmac theatrics with Gov. Jan Brewer, everyone accused Brewer of being a racist. (Though, if we’re playing identify politics, I’m not sure how a man storming off a plane with a thunderous expression, stomping over to a woman only to read her the riot act as she stands there with a handwritten note welcoming him to her state isn’t viewed as sexist.) The media would like for you to believe that Obama never thrust his finger in another’s face.

Remember when Obama wagged his finger in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s face? Neither does the media.

Apparently, the Brewer incident wasn’t the first time Obama attempted to create “Tarmac Theater” for the benefit of the watchful press corps. Jindal said the President’s outburst, pictured above, was “staged.”

Remember when Obama wagged his finger in the face of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s face? Neither does the media.

Did the media remember when Obama pointed his finger at Benjamin Netanyahu? No.

I’ll wait for notorious finger-wagger himself, Brian Williams, or the others to swiftly condemn the President’s “racist” actions.