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Keith Olbermann Now DENIES He Denied Occupy Rapes Happened

Keith Olbermann, still unable to admit that he was wrong, tweeted today:

@Wes_Wheeler I didn’t cover them up nor pretend they didn’t happen. I just refused to blame the Occupy rape victims as @AndrewBreitbart did”

Decide for yourself.

Olbermann previously tweeted:

“Love this. @AndrewBreitbart goes nuts, hallucinates about some imaginary wave of rapes at Occupy, & a bunch of guys w/no necks Tweet-grunt,”

…and he continued:

@TheHenry No Occupy rapes, no cover-up, no apology, no retraction, and no credibility for your Moonie-owned ‘newspaper.'”

On his Current TV show, Olbermann referred to documented rapes only as “claims”:

The latest hit piece is called “Occupy Unmasked.” Using sound bites taken out of context as well as negative news reports, a director Stephen Bannon attempts to paint the Occupy Movement as a left-wing conspiracy run amuck. A place where drugs, anarchy and — as Breitbart claims — rape reign supreme.

And he had the following exchange with DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas:

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