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Thursday Crib Sheet: Gas Prices Soar Faster Than News Can Report It

The cost of gas jumps 10 cents during ABC’s “World News” broadcast.

- Why was Fast and Furious not included as a main discussion in last night’s debate? The debate took place in Arizona of all places, a border state, a state being sued by the federal government for daring to enforced existing laws regulating illegal entry into the country via Arizona’s border.

Romney and the mom blogs. Very interesting use of social media for a presidential candidate. Santorum, a homeschooler, should have jumped on this, considering the number of homeschool blogs.

Study finds that newspapers are the most trusted source for news.

- Relatedly, all Gannett papers will go behind pay walls, except for USA Today.

- Oh my: Star Jones to return to “The View.”

RIP Marie Colvin.

Fired ESPN writer asks readers whether they really believe he was motivated to purposefully write a really dumb headline.

Chelsea Clinton expected to return to NBC. More robotic news shorts! Conspiracy time: Does anyone else think this is just a ploy to keep her in the public eye either for her mother’s sake or perhaps for her to make a bid for office at some point? Make no mistake — I fully believe that Chelsea Clinton will run for office at some point.

- Debate recap:

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