CNN Blames Gingrich for Questioner's Obama Muslim Statement

CNN Blames Gingrich for Questioner's Obama Muslim Statement

Newt Gingrich has fallen under criticism from CNN for his supposed non-response to a man who stated that President Obama is a Muslim. Despite the fact that Gingrich has said repeatedly that he believes Obama to be a Christian, his non-response at a Q&A in Lake Charles, Louisiana prompted CNN to accuse Gingrich of tolerating such nonsense:

The man did not pose a question but wanted a response from the presidential hopeful.

The former Speaker of the House answered the man, but he did not tell the man that Obama is not a Muslim.

When CNN asked Gingrich about the incident, Gingrich instantly replied,I believe President Obama is a Christian. He says he’s a Christian, he went to a Christian church for over 20 years, and I believe him.” So what’s the problem?

There is no problem. But CNN found one anyway.

This is sheer idiocy. Is a private citizen suddenly barred from having his own (admittedly ridiculous) opinion in the matter, a la Sandra Fluke, free of criticism from public figures? Or is a candidate for president expected to counter every charge from a possible supporter? If so, President Obama has some explaining to do on that Bill Maher donation.

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