Obama Finally Unites America — Against His Budget

Obama Finally Unites America — Against His Budget

It was one of his biggest campaign promises: Candidate Barack Obama told us early and often that he would unite Americans in the wake of Evil Bush doing everything he could to tear us apart. The media jumped on that mantra and spread it like barnyard fuel.

Which makes me wonder why the media didn’t celebrate this historic example of their Dear Leader finally uniting America. They could’ve written lead stories and blasted headlines, but they barely, if at all, mentioned this great story of consensus.

If I had written the headline, it would’ve gone something like this:

History has been made on Capitol Hill today. In a remarkable show of unity and consensu, the Unites States Congress has finally found something it can agree on. In fact, they don’t just agree on this, they have voted in absolute unison on an issue. In the history of our nation, we have never seen a serious issue so overwhelmingly agreed on by both Democrats and Republicans alike. Today the House voted 414 to 0 to turn down the Obama Budget. When you add that to the 97-0 vote in the Senate, Congress has voted against Obama 511-0. In a nation that is increasingly divided on most issues, it has to be comforting to Americans that we have finally found something that our representatives can all agree on!

Opportunity lost right there. A chance to celebrate consensus missed by the Activist Old Media.

Oh ya, a few mentioned it briefly, but not in context, and most said that this was just some sort of Republican trick to “embarrass” Democrats to vote on a Budget that everybody knew was political suicide. So, let me get this straight—all members of Congress do is vote, and now to force them to vote on something as important as the President’s Budget is an embarrassment. Yes, it is an embarrassment, but not for that reason.

Obama proposed the Budget. It’s his. He’s a grown-up; he knows the rules and he even has his supporters in DC. Even they abandoned him on this. I’m not a brilliant budget guy, but I could probably come up with something that could get a vote or two. Maybe if I gave Ben Nelson another Cornhusker Kickback I could’ve gotten three votes. Obama couldn’t even buy votes from fellow Democrats who sell their vote on the cheap.

It’s sad that the media missed out on this great opportunity to mention Obama coming through on one of his biggest campaign promises. Unity. Consensus. Historic, the likes of which this nation has never seen. There’s still time. Maybe the DNC will make a campaign add out of this. I’ll help ’em write it if they want.

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