Media Pretends Mormonism Will Hurt Romney; Study Says Opposite

Media Pretends Mormonism Will Hurt Romney; Study Says Opposite

Politico has “Up in the Arena:Romney’s Religion Now ‘Fair Game?” following a New York Times article about a proposal made to a super PAC about a series of ads exposing Obama’s relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Pundits and politicians alike say Romney shouldn’t touch Wright (which he hasn’t) because that would open a whole new can of worms. They think that a deeper look into Mormonism would kill his chances at election.

That’s where they’re wrong.

From BuzzFeed, of all places.

Armed with fresh survey data and a counterintuitive thesis, a new Brookings Institution study released Wednesday makes the compelling case that Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, long pegged by pundits as a political albatross for the candidate, won’t actually hurt him at the polls in November — and it could even help.

A deeper look at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could only mean good news for Romney and for the LDS Church. A deeper look would of necessity delve beyond the periphery of the religion, and dive deeper to the true nature of the faith, which is to help members follow Jesus Christ. A deeper look at Romney’s history within the LDS Church shows his abundant leadership skills, and the compassionate and service-oriented man he is instead of the ‘distant’ and ‘unrelatable’ man he is portrayed by the press.

Will the left continue to focus blindly on the margins, the strange, the ‘controversial’ things that LDS Church leaders have said, past and present? Absolutely. Will they mock and distort LDS beliefs and practices? You bet. But just as we’ve seen in other distractions from Team Obama, this practice will come back to bite them. They’ll take it too far.

The right will fight back.

Liberals are losing the war on women and the war on the rich and they will lose this war too.