Washington Post: While Obama Pushes Tax Cuts, Romney Visits Rich Zip Codes

Washington Post: While Obama Pushes Tax Cuts, Romney Visits Rich Zip Codes

Today, the Washington Post‘s @PostPolitics Twitter account posted the following Tweet:

The Post‘s link went to an article by the same title: “As Obama calls for middle-class tax cut extension, Romney raises campaign cash in wealthy enclaves.” This is a news piece, not an opinion piece. As the piece states:

[O]n Monday morning, Obama issued a call for Congress to renew the Bush-era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 a year, a move that comes as Romney is raising campaign cash in some of the country’s wealthiest Zip codes.

This is the highest form of media bias. Romney has consistently called for tax cuts, including the maintenance of the Bush tax rates – but the Post has never written a piece about Romney’s calls for tax cuts while Obama was busily raising money with his celebrity friends. The Post, of course, is the same publication that ran the Romney high school bullying hit piece; they’ve coordinated regularly with the Obama administration on messaging.

Now they’re attacking Romney based on zip code visits. What of Obama’s visits to Beverly Hills, the 5th wealthiest zip code in the United States? Nothing. How about Obama’s visits to New York, #6 and #7 on the list? Not a word. But Romney visits #20 for a fundraiser, and it’s a story.

One thing is for certain: if the Obama check isn’t in the mail to the Post, it should be.

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