Politico Goes Full Weiner

Politico Goes Full Weiner

This is a screen shot of the top story currently posted at the corrupt Politico:



There are a few things going on here. First off, the media is desperate to get Anthony Weiner back in the political game and to do so before the November election. Before getting caught with his pants around his ankles, Weiner was a very effective attack dog for Democrats.

Secondly, though, the presidential election has turned a corner in the last 48 hours. Thanks to Obama’s very revealing “build it” remarks, Romney is on offense. Polls also show that a month and $100 million and hundreds of lies and two uses of the word “felon” have only hurt Obama.

Finally, more terrible economic news hit today. Jobless claims surged, homes sales dropped 5.4%, factory activity shrank again, and foreclosures are hitting some of our most vulnerable citizens.

But you know damn well Politico doesn’t want to talk about that.

Obviously, those are the top political news stories of the day, but when you shill for Obama as shamelessly as the corrupt Politico does, that’s the last thing you want to focus on.


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