CNN: Will Obama Be More 'Empathetic' Than Romney In Louisiana?

CNN: Will Obama Be More 'Empathetic' Than Romney In Louisiana?

Friday afternoon on CNN, anchor Suzanne Malveaux used President Barack Obama’s hastily-scheduled trip to Louisiana on Monday as an opportunity to discuss whether Obama would come across as more empathetic than Mitt Romney, who visited Louisiana today. 

After White House press secretary Jay Carney announced hours after Romney’s visit on Friday that Obama would finally visit Louisiana to assess Hurricane Isaac’s damage, which has already left nearly 500,000 people without power, Malveaux implied that Romney has trouble connecting with average voters and wondered if Obama would connect better with viewers when he visits Louisiana on Monday. 

CNN did not note, as they failed to do throughout the week, that the supposedly more empathetic Obama campaigned in three swing states and participated in an online chat on Reddit instead of visiting Louisiana, which is not a swing state, while Hurricane Isaac was pounding the state and its residents.

Malveaux and CNN would not even consider that Obama, who put campaigning above doing his job as president during Hurricane Issac, was not empathetic last week. 

Romney, on the other hand, went to Louisiana the morning after he delivered his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night. His actions were more empathetic than Obama’s. 

But this does not matter to the mainstream media, who continue to put Obama’s words and rhetoric above his actions and record, even after Obama has amassed a four-year record he lacked when he was mesmerizing the media in 2008 with his historical candidacy and lofty stump speeches.