BuzzFeed Calls Presidential Debates for Obama

BuzzFeed Calls Presidential Debates for Obama

Left-leaning site BuzzFeed has called the future debates for Barack Obama. No, this isn’t a satirical piece, this is media bias.

The three presidential debates, which begin in three short weeks, mark Mitt Romney’s best chance to turn the 2012 election in his favor — but he may already be letting that opportunity slip from his grasp.Barring the sort of on-stage catastrophe — a horrific gaffe like Rick Perry’s “Oops,” a revealing moment of impatience or irritation, or Admiral Stockdale-style brain freeze — debates are rarely won or lost on stage …


Romney has devoted at least four days off the campaign trail since the GOP convention for official debate prep, campaign aides said, and has held ad hoc strategy and briefing sessions since shortly after becoming the nominee.


The Romney campaign has chosen simply to exude confidence about the upcoming contests — an attempt to counterbalance the gloomy mood set by Obama’s post-convention polling bounce, talking at length about Romney’s preparation, something the White House has done not at all.


If the trend continues, Romney may need to do handstands on stage to make in [sic] impression, while the president will win simply by keeping his shirt on.

To his credit, the author notes that the Obama campaign gets “testy” when challenged and Obama is a “procrastinator.” It’s also noted that while Obama may not be doing enough to prepare, somehow it’s Romney who loses because he is …. over-prepared?!?

The entire write-up wants to lower expectations for Obama’s debate performance and frame Romney’s effort as excessive. A possible backfire: isn’t that illustrative of their records in life, as well? 

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