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Media Watch: CNN Gives 30 Unchallenged Minutes to Obama-Loving Celebs


CNN might not have a lot of time to cover Benghazi-Gate and apparently has no time for last night’s revelations via Univision about Fast and Furious. But The Most Trusted Name in News had somewhere around thirty minutes this afternoon for two Obama-loving celebrities: Steve Harvey and Kal Penn.

Both celebs enjoyed back-to-back segments and all the time they could ask for to gush over The One.

CNN host Suzanne Malveaux never challenged anything either had to say.

This is how the media gets its message across without looking as though they’re openly taking a side. By allowing surrogates like celebrities to come on the air and spout pro-Obama talking points without challenge, everything the media wants said without challenge gets out there.

This is also why the media loves to broadcast clips from left-wing celebrities attacking, undermining, and mocking Republucans.


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