Talker Jerry Doyle Replaces Michael Savage on Talk Radio Network

Talker Jerry Doyle Replaces Michael Savage on Talk Radio Network

Talk Radio Network has finally announced who will be replacing the recently departed Michael Savage as the network’s 3PM to 6PM conservative talk radio host. That man is TRN’s Jerry Doyle.

Noting that the network “owns no stations” and that its stable of hosts have to “earn their keep ” by garnering syndicated affiliates, TRN promises radio stations that Doyle will be “eminently saleable.”

Today begins the first in a series of changes to bring talk radio firmly into the 21st century. For too long, we’ve had to choose between ratings and salability, but no longer. Today the 6th largest syndicated talk show in America replaces what was the 3rd largest show, and in so doing, stations will get more light and less heat, a show that they can sell locally with pride, but also a show that will respect its stations, advertisers and audiences with a brilliance that sets great shows apart from good ones.

Doyle will debut on nearly 300 stations, a bit fewer than Savage as some stations have already made their own changes since Savage left the airwaves last month.

Doyle, a former actor who for five seasons starting in 1994 had a recurring role on the hit science fiction TV series Babylon 5, broadcasts from Las Vegas, Nevada and has been a talk show host since 2000 after a losing bid for Congress in California.

Savage, whose real name is Michael Weiner, walked off his show on September 28 after winning a court battle over a contract dispute with TRN. His lawyer told the media that Savage conducted a two-year battle to get out of a 10-year-old contract with the network. Savage complained that his contract precluded him from entering into talks with competing employers and essentially indentured him to TRN for life. After winning the case, Savage left TRN and his former show behind. He reports that he’s in already in talks with networks to pick up a new program he plans to launch.

Savage’s show was heard on nearly 400 stations nationwide and according to Talkers Magazine, a talk radio trade publication, had an audience of 8.75 million listeners. In the 2012 Talkers Heavy Hundred ratings he was the third most popular talk show host. On that same list, Savage’s replacement, Jerry Doyle, appears in the 16th slot.