BREAKING: CNN Reports 1/5th of Ohio Conservatives Voting For Obama

BREAKING: CNN Reports 1/5th of Ohio Conservatives Voting For Obama

Because we’re not supposed to question polls, especially polls from our Media Overlords like CNN, I promise I’m not going to do that. CNN says Romney is losing Ohio 51-47% — and that’s that. Live with it. Far be it for me to break the unwritten rules that say only “freaky truthers” question things like power and our government and polls and counter-intuitive employment statistics released just 30 days before an election.

Nope, not me.

I don’t want to be one of those guys.

I want to BELONG.

So rather than question CNN’s poll, I’m simply going to report the extraordinary, phenomenal, groundbreaking, breathtaking new numbers found in CNN’s just-released poll from the swing state of Ohio:

Nearly 1/5th of conservatives in Ohio will be voting for Barack Obama.

Can you believe that? See for yourself.

Well, you have to believe it. It’s the truth. CNN said so.

There’s even bigger news here. While 19% of Ohio conservatives are voting for Obama, only 5% of Republicans are doing the same. Moreover, only 5% of liberals are going to Romney.

Again, I want to repeat that I am not in any way questioning that number, I am merely reporting the extraordinary super-true news CNN just broke, and for some reason (probably humility) isn’t calling any attention to.

There’s another fascinating number in CNN’s Ohio poll. Although many national polls show Romney winning Independents by wide margins and an ARG poll released earlier today showed Romney winning Independents in Ohio by a full 20%, CNN has Obama winning Ohio Indies by four points, 50-46%.

I’m not sure what to do here. Since creepy truthers are the only ones freakish enough to question poll results, I’m just going to have to assume both polls are correct and that there was a wild 24-point swing among Independents sometime between when these two polls were released, uhm, today.

Now, if some creepy truther did question this CNN poll, though, this certain someone might wonder if perhaps CNN didn’t count a few too many Democrats as Independents so that their party ID skew didn’t look out of whack. The CNN sample here is 34% D, 34% I, and 32% R — only a D+2. Hard to argue with that.

But if you push Democrats into the Independent pile, you not only end up with a more reasonable skew that shows Obama winning, you also show Obama winning Independents!

This creepy truther might even go further and say that after three polls released today showed Ohio a statistical tie and Obama below 50%, that a left-wing media operation like CNN planned to drop a poll with screwy numbers and Obama over 50% late in the day in order to set The Narrative for tomorrow’s news shows.

But I don’t see anything at all screwy about this CNN poll.

I see only amazing news about Independents and conservatives flocking to Obama.

This poll is as perfect as a jewel.

I want to BELONG. 


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